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Which is the Best Place to Have Your Outdoor Kitchen?

The placement of an outdoor kitchen is a very vital factor when you are contemplating about an outdoor kitchen. There are several tips that should guide you when deciding about the location of this kitchen. It should be strategically placed based on whether it is to be used for grilling or entertainment purposes. This is to ensure that you derive a lot of fun, comfort and convenience from this outdoor experience.

It is not quite possible to pinpoint what is the best place to have an outdoor kitchen without first considering several factors that usually dictate its ideal location. This article shall highlight these factors and finally establish the most fitting place for you to place your outdoor kitchen.

  • Proximity

The outdoor kitchen should be close to the indoor kitchen to ensure that you can be able to check and monitor the food as it cooks. This aids to ensure that you can readily go back to the house without cooking in the outside kitchen or grill on your own.

  • Views

Sight lines and views are very crucial and instrumental in the determination of the best location of an outdoor kitchen. The views of the guests should be unhindered whether they are standing or simply sitting at the counters. You should ensure that the kitchen is properly screened from the neighbors with the use of hedges or trees. This enhances privacy while still according your neighbors some respect.

  • Easy Access to Utilities

The outdoor kitchen should be placed in an area where the utilities such as electricity and gas can be accessed easily without any difficulties and any other unnecessary technicalities. This is vital as the outdoor kitchen needs to be properly connected to all these utilities for it to function properly.

  • Wind

You should plan well while still considering that the smoke blows downwind of your grill. This is in stark contrast with the dining patios, which ought to be ideally placed upwind of the smoke if possible. The outdoor kitchen should be in close proximity to the doors and windows that are deemed to be downwind.

  • Shade

An outdoor kitchen is often used during the day in the summer season when it is relatively hot. This necessitates the placement of the outdoor kitchen in an area with some good shade so that there can be ample comfort throughout the year. People often opt for built in umbrellas and shade trellis while considering all the sun angles. However, experts in this area have postulated that natural trees usually provide the best shade as they also transpire and ventilate easily.

So, Which is the Best Place to Place Your Outdoor Kitchen?

There is no perfect place for an outdoor kitchen. You can opt for a barbeque area located at the outside area of your back door or you can decide to have a kitchen pavilion well placed just by the poolside based on your style and preference.

However, many people decide to have an outdoor kitchen in close proximity to the house as it helps to avail some decent shelter for your culinary area. More so, a roof extension or another structure can be erected overhead to offer protection from any rain in the winter season.

As mentioned earlier, an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the house is ideal since it is easy to run utility lines from the main house hence rendering it quite affordable. Similarly, an outdoor kitchen should be close to the windows and the doors just like mentioned above thus ensuring that the billowing smoke can find a way out.

Therefore, regardless of where you want to locate your kitchen, you should follow some well-laid cannons and principles. This includes sheltering it from natural elements. In case you decide to use an old deck, it is vital to reinforce it well thus ensuring that it can be able to handle some other heavier kitchenware and sizeable grilling equipment.

Based on the foregoing, this article has tried to highlight and expound on the ideal placement of an outdoor kitchen. However, it is still vital to consult a professional who can give you some expert opinion hence ultimately saving you a lot of money and enabling you to make the right decision. You should follow the aforementioned pointers and they should properly guide you in the determination of the best place to have your outdoor kitchen. There might not be a specific ideal area but you should try to narrow down your options based on your consideration of the highlighted factors.