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Investing in a New Deck? Consider These Modern Features

If you’ve leafed through a home and garden magazine lately, you already know that decks are no longer simple platforms built to hold a grill a few plastic chairs. This obviously remains an important use for outdoor decks, but homeowners and designers have taken things to the next level. Outdoor decks are now considered a viable way to increase the functional square footage of a home, and as such, a whole new set of options and amenities have become widely available.

The best part is, enhancing your deck design is not necessarily going to break the bank. You can talk to a qualified deck building specialist about any of the following features, and you’ll probably be surprised at how feasible they are.

  • Add a fireplace
Installing wood floor for patio deck with new wooden planks for a new deck

Why have the fire pit out in the yard when you can build it safely right into your deck design? Many people find this to be a useful feature when it comes to relaxing on cool evenings, and getting more use of the deck when the weather cools down.

In terms of design, there’s no shortage of possibilities. There are bowl or “barrel” designs, cement block installations, and even hybrid fire pits that can be used for baking.

  • Fountains and ponds

It sounds luxurious, and it is—but water features are also becoming more and more common for today’s deck owner. They add visual appeal, and the sound of a running fountain can also add to the experience of your deck, blocking out other ambient noise.

You can go with anything from a built-in bird bath or basin to a functioning waterfall feature. It definitely won’t lower your bill, but the price point may be more accessible than you think.

  • Custom guards and railings

When you’re designing a deck, keeping your family safe is always a legitimate concern. That’s why it’s important to get the guards and railings just right, in order to enhance safety without compromising the design and appearance of the deck.

Today, many people are paying more attention to the materials and designs of their railings and guards—in other words, seeking designs that are both more functional and more attractive. For instance, have you considered steel cables or banisters for a sleek, industrial look? How about classic-style railings that give a more Victorian feel? Railings can also function as hangers for plants and places to set beverages.

  • Use multiple tiers

Decks no longer have to be flat! Qualified deck builders are now skilled and experienced at creating decks with multiple levels and tiers, which can add a whole new dynamic to your outdoor deck. Even a different of a foot or less can change the way your deck looks and functions. It’s possible to have one area of the deck for relaxing or exercising, and another for dining or grilling.

Getting the most out of your deck design

We’ve discussed a few ways in which people are making their new outdoor decks more interesting, but the reality is, there are all kinds of possibilities. Once you see what’s out there, you might have a brand new perspective on what you want to achieve with your deck. Just make sure you pick a qualified, reputable outdoor deck specialist to help you make it a reality!