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What Timber Should I Use For My Deck?

If you are renovating or building a new home and you love a bit of outdoors time, a deck is probably high on your to-do list. Creating a great outdoor space is very important to a lot of people when renovating and building. So, what do you do for your outdoor space? Do you have a patio space proportionate to your yard, or large enough to host the biggest barbecue party ever? Do you create a beautiful deck that will look amazing for many years to come?

The answer is yes. Create an outdoor space that is practical, usable, beautiful and from materials that will last.

Pressure-Treated Pine Lumber

Treated timber is still the cheapest and most used material to create a deck, with around 75% of new decks made coming from treated lumber. There are many reasons to use treated lumber for your new deck. It is very affordable, it lasts a long time, it’s easy to work with, and it is created to deter rot and bugs. Although it can tend to crack under heat and cold, it is still a very viable option that will give you many years use, and if there are pieces that need replacing, it narrows down to about one dollar per lineal foot to replace. It can be painted, stained, and depending on how much weather exposure it will see; you can even leave it bare. To ensure a long life is achieved, however, annual cleaning, and coating it with oil, varnish, stain or paint is recommended.

Cedar and Redwood

If you are looking for a brilliantly finished deck that will look beautiful for many years using either redwood or cedar is the best option. These two western softwoods are renowned for their rich naturally beautiful coloring and contain natural oils that make them particularly good against rot and bugs.

Redwood and Cedar are the most chosen timbers by the purists at heart. Some believe that any deck that doesn’t use one of these two timbers is not even worth walking upon. Once you have a redwood or cedar deck, however, you will understand WHY. The smell, the look and the feel of these amazing timbers will have you enjoying every moment.

Although redwood and cedar will cost you a lot more than treated pine, the long-term results (and not to mention the added value to your property) will make it all worth the added investment.

Tropical Hardwoods

Although not always available in every area, exotic rich-grained tropical hardwoods make excellent material for creating amazing decks. Using decking timbers like Philippine mahogany, cumaru, massaranduba and tigerwood will create unique and beautiful outdoor spaces that will be envied by your visitors.

These tropical timbers are generally very durable and extremely hard, as well as naturally resistant to insects and rot. The only negative point to using these timbers is that they are extremely difficult to work with, due to their hardness. They require pilot holes for any fixing and take a lot of work to create a full deck. However, they are virtually unbreakable once installed. They are a little more expensive than redwood and cedar, but the labor costs of installation will rise due to the difficulty to work with it.