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What is a Gazebo Used For?

In ancient times, gazebos were just a shed with a roof and made mainly of wood. They were primarily meant to be a place to take a break from working on the farm under hot temperatures. Gazebos were therefore popular in big farms because, during break time, people would have a cold drink while enjoying the beautiful view of the landscape. Recently, the use of gazebos has evolved and they are now meant for a wide range of use. This has seen a change in the way gazebos are constructed, to meet these demands. This article looks at different uses of a gazebo.

  • Events

Some people use gazebos as a place for holding small private events such as weddings and birthday parties. A gazebo is a good venue for minimalists to hold weddings since it is within the confinements of your property and you also save money you would have used to rent a venue for that particular event.

  • Protection From Elements

Sometimes you just want to be outdoors in your backyard so you can enjoy some great views of the landscape while taking your favorite drink. At times, this is not possible if the weather is quite hot on that day. Sometimes it could even be on a rainy day and you just want a break away from the house. In this case, a gazebo provides you with the best place to be, under the protection from elements. However, it is good to note that for a gazebo to offer you full protection from the elements, it has to be fully covered.

  • Chill Spot

A gazebo is also a great place to lie on the couch as you relax your mind. For a calm experience, you can have cool music playing in the background, as you read a book while sipping a glass of wine. Sometimes you can just lay there without doing anything at all, as you listen to nature.

  • Outdoor Room 

Alternatively, a gazebo can be used as an outdoor extension of the house, if need be. For example, you can have the gazebo fitted with the necessary utilities that allow for accommodation. Such items could include a bed, a TV set, music stereo, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. You could also transform the gazebo into a spa room. In that case, the gazebo must be constructed somewhere close to the house for easy access. It should also be strategically close to the swimming pool so that after you have had your swim, you can jump right into the spa.

  • Focal Point

Similar to the original intended use, gazebos are a perfect focal point to have a view of the landscape as you enjoy the goodness of the weather. This perfect view of your backyard is not just for aesthetic feeling, but it also gives you a glimpse of what is happening in the neighborhood and this can help you in times of crisis. However, for a gazebo to serve this purpose, it has to be built away from where the house sits, on a more raised ground.

  • Entertainment

A gazebo is a good place to have a small party with your family and friends. You could have a music stereo or a TV screen to watch a movie with a loved one or a friend. Alternatively, you can play some games like pool, dart, and cards, while music is playing in the background. For a gazebo to be used for entertainment, it must be constructed in a way that accommodates the addition of such utilities and this might cost you a little more than for a simple gazebo.

  • Small Meetings

There are some conversations you cannot have in the house, especially if you have some visitors or an extended family living with you. For that reason, you will need a place to make those calls or have that private work chat with your workmate, without worrying about the information falling on the wrong ears. A gazebo provides you with the best secrecy for small meetings, chats, and private calls. A good example of such conversations is two people strategizing on political/intelligence moves.

Some people have their gazebos close to the house, others have theirs covered and fitted with equipment and utilities for accommodation. There are also different sizes, designs, shapes, and materials. How you decide to construct your gazebo depends on your unique style and taste. Handy people can make their gazebos by DIY, while others call in contractors to do it for them.