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What Are The Benefits Of Kitchen Remodeling?

Your kitchen is an essential facet of your home and whether you are planning on selling your house, or seeking to give your kitchen a facelift or more years of enjoyment, a kitchen remodel is a great investment for your property. Remodeling costs can vary depending on the scale of your remodel project, whether or not you want to upgrade appliances, and the type of materials you use for cabinet fixtures, flooring, countertops, or backsplashes.

Whether you intend to hire a professional kitchen remodeling contractor or plan on doing the work yourself, consider adding a kitchen designer to your budget. Kitchen designers are professionals in their field and are in the know when it comes to trends, costs, ROIs, and resale value.  They will also be able to hook you up with discounts on materials, fixtures, and furnishings, too. Read on to discover the top benefits of remodeling your New Jersey kitchen.

1. Improve Functionality

Kitchen interior in new luxury house

No one works well in an awkward kitchen. Are your countertops too small and too cramped for a large meal? Maybe you can’t open cabinets or drawers when the refrigerator is open. Or perhaps you wish to add a breakfast bar for additional seating. These issues can be resolved or at least greatly improved with functional solutions.

Ideas for improving functionality:

  • Organize your space with additional storage
  • Add a peninsula or island for additional seating
  • Add under cabinet lighting for increased visibility during meal prep
  • Build a food pantry storage area
  • Install modern appliances

2.  Add Valuable Living Space

Kitchens in the early-to-mid 20th century were closed off from the living room and dining room. Modern homes now consist of a great room that combines all of the livable spaces into one. A spacious kitchen with fewer walls also gives the person who’s cooking or cleaning the ability to watch young children who need a watchful eye or socialize with guests.

3.  Boost Resale Value

If you’re thinking of moving in the next few years, think about the wants and needs of the prospective home buyer. While the updates will surely be appreciated by the home buyer, an updated kitchen will benefit the home seller and boost the resale of your home.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners will get back 62-77% of what they paid for their remodel. Homebuyers are also more going to more willing to finalize the sale fast with an updated kitchen.

Easy upgrades to increase the price of your home:

  • Re-do the backsplash
  • Replace countertops with natural stone
  • Add brand-new hood above your range
  • Transform your cabinets and drawers with new pulls and handles
  • Brighten up your kitchen with under cabinet lighting
  • Update the kitchen sink faucet with modern colors

4.  Improve Sustainability

Older kitchen appliances are a power suck which causes higher utility bills. Modern kitchen appliances lead to lower bills and increased ease of use. For example, switching to energy-efficient LEDs bulbs use about 70% less energy. Other energy-efficient upgrades include low-flow faucets to decrease water usage or a tankless hot water system that heats your kitchen’s water on-demand.

Decreasing your carbon footprint can also be achieved by incorporating more sustainable materials for your floors and cabinets such as bamboo and cork. Places like Habitat for Humanity Restore have lots of recycled building materials for a steal, too.

5.  Improved Safety

Modern homes need to have GFCI adapted outlets near any faucet. As a safety precaution, make sure that when you remodel your electrical is up to code and can handle any new amperage you might have added to your system with your remodel. Building codes require that every electrical receptacle be grounded and protected with ground-fault circuit interrupters

When you consider flooring, choose a slip-resistant material, such as cork, slate or wood. Be cautious, or avoid marble surfaces. While marble makes for stunning flooring, it can be extremely slippery, especially around high-splash areas like sinks. If you cannot resist, adding a simple rug can do the trick.

Legends Remodeling Services for your New Jersey Kitchen

While you might think the DIY route is attractive, it could have you paying more in the end. Our team is ready to help you embark on the kitchen remodeling journey. We will walk you through all the steps from the design phase to the construction phase. Our number one goal is to provide consistent quality and outstanding customer service.