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Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your Existing Deck

A deck can make one of the most beautiful spots in your backyard, where you and your family relaxes after grueling tasks of the day. Despite this, a deck can only take too much before its lifetime is over. However, with the right maintenance, a deck can serve you for a very long time without the need to replace it. Ensuring that your deck is safe and functioning properly is of utmost importance, as keeping it attractive. This is because you always want to keep your family’s safety first. So, what should you look at when evaluating whether or not to replace your existing deck? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider replacing your deck right away.

Too Much Damage

If your deck has been in existence of long period, it will most likely be faced with complications such as structural weakness, wear and tear, and even rot. If your deck was properly built, then you will enjoy it for quite some time before you start experiencing any issues. Despite this, deck problems are inevitable and it will not be long before you start seeing some signs of damage.

To spot any structural issues in your deck, you need to check the ledger boards, post connections, and joint hangers. If things are not looking secure and intact, then you might have an issue that you need to handle fast. If you are not very sure about the potential problem, then consider contacting a professional for help.

Many conditions might be responsible for your deck’s damage. Parasites like termites have the potential to cause structural damage to your deck, as they eat through wood. Another condition is water, which can collect in holes on your deck, thus causing rot to the boards. Moreover, if you have planters around your deck, they can cause warping to the boards. These are the main causes of deck damage, and often require a lot of work to inspect and repair, especially when the problem is widespread. At this point, the best thing you can do is having your deck replaced.

To Increase Space

Backyards are usually not always fit for the things most people would like to use them for such as hosting a party or storing items. The uneven ground on your yard makes it hard for you and your family to relax or just have a good time. If you have ever tried storing things on bare ground, there are high chances that you found them rusting, and entangled in grass and weeds in just a few days.

If you have a well-built deck, it will help to eliminate all these problems for you. You can be able to build a solid surface even on an unlevelled ground. Even if you already have a deck installed in your backyard, you may still experience these problems. Some areas of concern might be that your deck is not big enough, not flat enough, or structurally weak. If you are facing such issues, then you definitely need to replace your existing deck. This will help you create more room for storage, and for hanging out with friends and family.

An Old Deck

If your deck has existed for a number of years, say more than five years, you will definitely require the help of a professional to inspect it for you. This will help you evaluate whether to replace it or install a new one. This is paramount even when you cannot see anything wrong with the deck yourself. The main reason behind this is that an old deck has been exposed to major elements through the years, which will have a significant effect on its overall health.

If your deck is installed at a place with extreme weather conditions, these elements can really reduce its overall lifespan. If you are in search of a way to have your deck last longer, consider shortening the time between which you always have your deck repairs done.

If your deck is looking quite worn despite all the effort you have put in to maintain it, it might be a good time you considered replacing it. Bad conditions can really put a toll on your deck, making it hard for you to do repairs. After years of usage and exposure to bad weather, your deck might be damaged, and in need of quick replacement. At this point, you do not have many options but to reach out to a professional to help you out.