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Top 3 Outdoor Living Trends

The outdoor living spaces are becoming more comfortable and popular in most modern homes. Outdoor living is not only a top priority for homeowners but home buyers as well. Backyards are being transformed into outdoor eating spaces and for entertainment purposes. If you want your friends and family to have beautiful memories of your home every time they pay a visit, then you should consider how best you can improve your outdoor spaces. This article looks into the top 3 outdoor living trends you can implement in your home this year and why they are ideal for your home’s outdoor space.

1. Outdoor Entertainment

It is important to consider the type of activities you would like to happen outside such as cooking, swimming or just year-round entertainment. This involves creating a purpose for your guests to move through the site. All design ideas that serve the needed structural requirements should be visually appealing and functional in nature. One of the highly-requested garden features are the sunken fire pit areas. Creating a top-notch outdoor space for entertainment not only works well for entertaining your friends but also relaxing and spending time with your family.

Other high-end features include a patio area that has an outdoor kitchen and bar, a granite fireplace, and outdoor rooms such as a pergola. A cozy gathering space can transform your backyard to feel like a valuable extension of your home’s interior. One of the biggest focus right now is cooking and entertaining in the outdoor living space as it makes people enjoy themselves and have fun in the comfortable gathering spaces.

2. Outdoor Furniture and Architecture

Quality furniture with fashionable fabrics can spruce up your outdoor space. Since there has to be a full connection between the landscape and the look and feel of your house, you need to make a wise selection in the material and color palette of your architecture. It is possible to add a splash of flair to your backyard using drapes, chair cushions, and pillows. A dull space can be transformed into an inviting oasis using different patterns and textures as well as contrasting and complementing colors. Fabrics can be easy on the budget with a little planning and creativity.

Outdoor furniture can also integrate seamlessly with fashionable flooring. If you are looking for an electric feel, you can try a combination of bright and bold colors with intriguing patterns. A soothing texture with gentle colors is best for those who prefer a subtler approach. There are several types of outdoor furniture and accessories such as outdoor rugs, patio chairs, and tables. To protect your furniture from fading or harsh weather elements, you can always add a little shade as it prolongs their lifespan.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Another outdoor living trend is incorporating functional lighting along the pathways, entertainment area, and long driveways in the compound. Lighting is very essential to outdoor living, especially after sunset. Homeowners are now investing in stylish and durable lighting fixtures that make their outdoor living spaces a paradise. There are plenty of lighting options you can use for walkways, entertainment areas and other areas around your compound. An outdoor chandelier can be used to illuminate a dining area when hanging from a pergola. Patio pillar lamp posts or granite lamp posts will light your patio entertaining area as the striking string of bulbs lights around the fence.
Overhead lighting can just add the right amount of excitement and whimsy to your exterior making it appealing to all your guests. Lamp posts that have been installed along the driveway act as a guiding light during the night for you and your guests. You can always choose the best lighting for your outdoor living spaces from the variety of options available. Homeowners are now turning to creative options like solar light fixtures, portable lamps, and lanterns.

All the above outdoor living trends not only make your home look appealing to your friends and family but also increases the value of your property. The current trends in outdoor living involve creating a purpose for people to gather in the site and have fun. Outdoor activities such as cooking, fire pits, and pergolas keep your guests entertained from dusk to dawn. The spirit of art and functionality are the roots of the current trends in outdoor living as they are both appealing and useful. A well-designed outdoor space not only reflects your personality but also creates a comfortable place for your family and special guests.