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Top 3 Best Decking Materials Apart From Wood

There is no doubt that a deck opens up your home, providing you with the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. With a deck, you add place to hold open-air gatherings, have grilling adventures, and enjoy watching the stars at a night.

Since a deck is quite beneficial to you, it is important that you select the right material to ensure that you get the best possible experience out of your deck. When it comes to making that choice, wood is the most common material considered by homeowners. However, the market has an array of materials that are even better than wood. This article looks at top three decking materials apart from wood.

  1. Composite Decking

Composite is one of the best alternatives to wood decking. The main reason behind this is that it provides homeowners with the same natural look of wood while still offering minimal maintenance needs. Composite decking is manufactured with a combination of plastics and wood fragments. The material has texture and color molded in, and thus does not need to be stained or sealed. This essentially means that you do not have to spend money and time staining or sealing your composite deck. Another advantage of composite decking is that it is eco-friendly, as most composite decks are made from over 90% of recycled materials.

A company referred to as Trex was the first one to manufacture composite decking. This manufacturer continues to be a major force in the composite decking space. However, you can still get composite decking from other companies such as TimberTech, Fiberon, and MoistureShield.

Although composite is an incredible decking material, you need to note that it can be susceptible to staining, as it is comprised of mostly wood. It is therefore a good idea to wipe off any stains on your composite deck immediately. This helps prevent the stains from sinking in and damaging your deck.

  1. Aluminum Decking

Although not very common, aluminum is still a great decking material that you should consider having on your deck. The main reason behind this is that aluminum does not crack, splinter, rot, rust, or even warp. In addition to this, aluminum is mold and slip-resistant, making it an incredible decking material for extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, aluminum decking comes with a power-coated finish that should essentially last forever without ever peeling.

Another advantage of aluminum as a decking material is that it does not catch fire. Moreover, bugs hate it, and it is recyclable. Compared to other decking materials such as wood and composite, aluminum is quite lightweight and stronger. Courtesy of its interlocking edges, you can achieve a deck that is gap-free and watertight.

Despite all these advantages, aluminum is quite expensive. Therefore, it is not a decking material for all homeowners. However, it is a good choice when you want to enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

  1. Polymer Decking

Another decking material apart from wood is polymer. This material is made from 100% synthetic plastic polymer. It has no kind of wood content on it, but tends to be quite stable compared to composite decking. Therefore, you can expect less fading and staining with polymer decking.

The best thing about this material is that you do not need to stain or seal it. This feature is made possible by the all-polymer makeup that it carries. This special addition helps the deck to be resistant to grease stains. In fact, polymer will often be impervious to any kind of nastiness that you happen to throw at it. However, this does not mean that you should leave out any stains on your polymer deck. You will still need to wipe the stains but will not have to worry about having permanent blemishes on your deck.

While a polymer deck will definitely resist stains, mold, and mildew than other materials such as composite, it still does accumulate dirt and grime. Therefore, you will need to clean them off on a regular basis.

Having a deck in your backyard provides you with a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. To ensure the best possible experience, you need to select a great material for your deck. Over the past few years, the market has had a lot to offer in regards to decking materials. Wood was the only type of material back then, but now homeowners have a wide array of materials to choose from. Thanks to the explosion of polymer decking, composite lumber, plastic decking, and aluminum decking, you now have a wide variety of decking materials.