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Three Ways to Make Your Outdoor Deck More Useful

telychkaporch2When you think of renovating your home, the interior areas probably come to mind before anything else. The prospect of investing thousands of dollars into home renovation means that you want to make changes where it counts the most. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms—all of the areas where you and your family spend the most time.

But it’s also worth considering whether the exterior of your home needs an upgrade. For example, what about that outdoor deck that seems to be unoccupied most of the time, either buried under snow or withering in the summer sun? It may have come with the house, or you may have built the deck yourself some time ago. Either way, it isn’t doing much except taking up space.

Fortunately, it’s not all or nothing when it comes to refreshing an outdoor deck and making it more useful. As long as the underlying structure of the deck is safe, there are simple things you can to do bring it up to speed. Here are three common ways to make your outdoor deck a more useful, attractive, and functional feature of your home.

1. Give it a fresh treatment

If your deck is made from composite materials, sealing and staining is less of an issue—but it can (and in some cases should) still be done. This is especially true if the composite deck has not been cleaned regularly. If your deck is made from natural wood, periodic sealing and staining is a matter of routine maintenance. Doing so protects your deck from the elements, extends its lifespan, and gives it a fresh, attractive appearance.

2. Remove old clutter

Sometimes breathing new life into your outdoor deck is as simple as clearing away old clutter. Outdoor decks that have fallen into disrepair often end up as casual storage areas, but this makes the exterior of the home even more attractive—and it makes people less likely to use the deck. By clearing everything away, sweeping and cleaning the deck, and adding some new flourishes (e.g. a new table and chairs), you can make your deck a more pleasant place to be.

3. Hire a deck resurfacing specialist

Many people aren’t even aware that professional deck resurfacing is an option—but if your deck is looking tired and faded, it’s one of the first options you should consider. A deck specialist will first inspect your deck’s basic framing and underlying support structures. If everything is in good shape, resurfacing is an option. The top layers of the deck (floorboards, railings, steps) are then stripped away, revealing only the frame. New materials (whether composite or natural wood) are laid over the existing structure. Essentially, deck resurfacing means giving your deck a brand new surface—and it comes at a much lower price point than tearing down and rebuilding completely.

What kind of attention does your deck need?

Sometimes, a little DIY work is all you need to make your deck a more functional part of the home. In other cases, a professional assessment for deck resurfacing might lead to a completely refreshed and vibrant deck—something you and your family members actually want to use! Whatever the case, it’s good to know there are established options for restoring that old deck and giving it new life.

Best of luck on your outdoor deck projects! Please leave any comments below, or contact our team directly!