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Three Big Reasons for Adding a Deck to Your Home

deck_furnitureAdding an outdoor deck to your home sounds great to most homeowners, but is it really worth the investment? Is it worth the time and effort that go into planning a location, choosing a layout, selecting materials, and researching deck installation professionals to try and find the right fit?

These are valid questions every homeowner asks, no matter what kind of home renovation they’re considering. The benefits should outweigh the costs—and in terms of new deck installations, many homeowners aren’t quite sure if that’s the case.

One of the best things you can do is talk to people who have invested in a new outdoor deck, and ask whether they think it was worth it. There may be a few people out there who, for whatever reason, aren’t happy with their deck installation. But you’re bound to hear from a lot more people who are at least fairly happy with the addition. Most of them will tell you about some or all of the following benefits of adding a new deck:

Added Home Value

This comes first on the list, because it’s perhaps the most important to people. Yes, you want to enjoy your deck and use it. But you also want to know if the financial investment is going to boost your home’s market value. Statistically, the answer is ‘yes’ in nearly all cases. Of course, unless your deck is sprawling and has intricate craftsmanship, it probably won’t add as much value as some other renovations, such as a complete kitchen remodel. But decks are also a lot cheaper. The percentage of added market value, in terms of the investment needed, is very high. Most estimates available online say that investing in a new deck ends up being worth 160% to 190% of the original investment.

Space for your guests

One of the frequent selling points of deck additions is the increased capacity to entertain guests. Unless it’s the dead of winter, there some very nice evenings in most parts of the United States. The ability to entertain your guests outside, in comfort, adds significantly to the overall enjoyment factor of most homes.

A bigger house

Guests aren’t the only ones who benefit. Many families of five or more people live in houses that are relatively small, especially in urban areas and popular suburbs where housing is expensive. A deck adds valuable and functional space that can be utilized any number of ways, from taking meals to relaxing or working out. Many homeowners eventually choose to covert their deck into a four-season patio that can be used year-round.

Adding it up

Investing in a new deck may or may not be right for you; every situation is different. The statistics, though, are in your favor. Most people report being thrilled with their deck additions, and it’s true that they can be put to use in many ways. Budget and quality considerations are always important, and it’s crucial to find a qualified home renovation specialist to make sure you get exactly what you’re after.

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