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Can I Have My Deck Resurfaced During the Winter Months?

If you live in a place like Arizona, Southern California or Florida, you don’t have to worry much about winter. The weather maybe a little bit cooler, but it’s nothing like winter in the northern states (such as our home state of New Jersey).

People who have never spent winter in a place like this often have the misconception that winter lasts about three months out of the year. But natives and full-time residents know differently. From end to end, winter is often more like four or five months out of the year.

That means people are always trying to accomplish as much as possible during spring and summer months. It also means that things cannot stand still during winter. People have to find ways to continue with projects, even when the mercury drops.

Large covered porch with wooden deck day light

As deck resurfacing has become more and more popular, people are wondering if it’s possible to undertake this project (whether DIY or with professional help) during the winter months. Is it really necessary to wait until the weather is warm? Or can a deck be resurfaced during the winter and ready to use when the snow thaws?
In general, having your deck professionally resurfaced during the period of harsh winter weather is not advisable. With temperatures below freezing, there are any number of logistical issues with stripping old decking materials and installing new ones. There is also the question of decreased dexterity that comes from working in conditions of extreme cold and/or precipitation.

However, that’s not to say that deck resurfacing is impossible throughout the traditional winter months of December, January and February. There are sometimes pockets of unseasonably warm weather during these months, and some deck resurfacing specialists may be willing to take on your project. And of course, the severity of your winter and your geographical location are key factors.

That said, it’s always important to be aware of possible quality control issues. The most reputable deck resurfacing specialists will always have your success, and the success of your deck resurfacing project, in mind. Since working in inclement weather may sometimes compromise the quality and integrity of your outdoor deck, many experts will advise you to hold off until such time as the weather is more agreeable. This is true whether you’re using natural wood or composite decking materials, as both expand and contract when temperatures swing.

For example: If a deck were resurfaced in freezing temperatures, it’s safe to say that the underlying frame will be in a contracted state. What would this mean when the temperature rose and the frame expanded once again? The structural integrity of the resurfaced deck could be compromised, leading to either immediate or future problems.
Every deck resurfacing specialist will have its own policies pertaining to when, and under what conditions, deck resurfacing work can actually be performed. But the hallmark of a true expert is someone who wants to leave you with the very best results possible. Contractors who try to rush your project through at all costs should be avoided, as they tend to be more interested in their own bottom-line then the quality of your resurfaced deck.