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Deck Builder in West Windsor, NJ

Are you considering a new deck build in West Windsor, New Jersey? You have have found the right place to get started! First, don’t take our word for it. Check out our deck builder reviews online, on our site, and if you decide to schedule a free consultation with us, we will be more than pleased to hand you our book of references. Decks are not built overnight, so we want you to be very comfortable with us so we also highly suggest you to view the vast array of completed projects on our site.

We have been serving Mercer County for well over 30 years and our gallery of past projects as well as our reputation are something we are very proud of. We are not trying to boast here, but rather we are simply very confident that we can handle your project regardless of how large or complex it may be. In fact, the more complicated the project, the more impressed you will be with our level of service. However, beyond that, we love what we do and we want to protect our industry, so we always encourage customers to check out contractors thoroughly prior to signing any contracts. There is no better way to check out the quality of our work than to view our past work and read our reviews from our wonderful customers. We want you to be as excited about your new deck as we are and when we are finished, we want your family to have a great experience for a life-time of backyard entertainment. Lets get started!

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We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible

Feeling a little anxious about getting things underway? Do not worry! We will help you in all phases of your deck project including the design and layout of your new deck to your exact requirements. Bill Lecorchick, founder and owner of Legends has literally seen almost every situation possible. There is simply not a deck design that he is not familiar with and Bill is intimately involved in EVERY new deck project. Experience matters! We come to you and take the time on the initial consultation so that both trust and understanding is established from the outset. We want you to be comfortable and our time to be without rush. Our initial consultation will answer all of your questions, go over any concerns you may have and completely understand your needs, vision and desires including your financial boundaries. We then will begin laying out the project that will be exactly what you are looking for in a custom deck within your comfort level. Our goal is to far exceed your expectations when building your deck so that you will not simply be satisfied, but you will be enthusiastic about your project and eager to use it. A lions share of our business comes from customer referrals and word-of-mouth. We know the importance of getting jobs done correctly. Its the foundation of our deck and home improvement services. We want our customers to spread the good news! We want to take the worries away during your free consultation while we explain everything from top to bottom.

Our clients requirements are what we are emotionally attached to, so all your questions are very important as are your instructions for how you would like the job to be handled. We will always do our best to follow your desires to the very best of our ability. Our reputation is something we are very proud and protect by delivering quality projects year after year. When you call us, you will be speaking directly with an owner of Legends Built. In New Jersey, our customers are demanding and very upfront about their expectations. We will meet them! Your comfort level and confidence in us is very important. Large jobs can take some time and can be challenging. We do not rush or take shortcuts, so honesty and clarity matters. Our first meeting is not a “sales meeting”. It is a deck building information gathering session. It is important you know who is on your property and respect who you are working with.

We are very proud of the fact that we are a family owned business and have been proudly serving Warren, New Jersey since the early 1970’s and we still sit down and discuss projects with families throughout New Jersey right in the comfort of their homes. Our old fashioned way of doing business with a hand shake and warmth, no rush, and getting to know our client properly ensures trust and respect is always front and center. Your questions will be answered by a knowledgeable, experienced family member who cares. We are emotionally involved from the first phone call and care about your deck building project from day 1. We have a proven project strategy and process that we have been using as a blue print for success for over 50 years. We will leave nothing to chance and should any issue arise you will be talking directly to an owner of Legends. Bill Lecorchick, Sr. and/or Bill Lecorchick, Jr are on-site for every job and always accessible even after the job is completed

We select only the best materials from the very best manufacturers in our industry. We simply will not cut corners on materials. The reason for this is that while we love saving our clients money, we dont want our creation to fall apart down the road due to cheap materials. It isn’t worth it for the client or for Legends. It is also unsafe not to use quality materials. Even on smaller projects, we will not build cheap decks with inferior products or ratings. We will not cut corners and we use beautiful hard working American labor When we are done building your deck, the clean up will be spotless as we treat your home and project as if it were the home owners. All you will have to worry about is who you want to invite over for your first outdoor entertainment event! When you view our gallery, you will be able to see that we love what we do and so will you.

Deck Design in West Windsor, New Jersey

As with anything that is supposed to be built to last and reliable, beyond materials the design phase of deck building is very important and needs to be carefully planned out so as not to waste materials, manpower, and valuable resources. The look, feel, materials, and measurements need to be thought out properly from the start. False measurements or simply not asking all the right questions prior to commencing construction can increase costs unnecessarily. How? An inexperienced contractor may purchase the wrong materials, take inaccurate measurements, not submit the proper paperwork for the township or not take into account moisture, proper deck height, weather related concerns, just to name a few and can cost a home owner big time. This is in addition to wasted time and added frustration. Avoid all these issues and get it done from the very beginning! This is where our experience and wisdom in both understanding deck building and New Jersey weather related issues comes into play. In addition, prior to the deck design stage, there are many important questions to ask to make sure your new deck is a success. These questions will help answer other questions about scope, materials, and design layout.

Important questions to ask yourself before we get together…

  • What is deck going to be used for mainly?
  • What are the budgetary limits of the project?
  • Is there a certain view I am trying to obtain from my deck and at what angle?
  • How high does my deck need to be off the ground?
  • Are there going to be lots of kids using the deck?
  • Are elderly going to be using the deck on a regular basis?
  • What does exterior of my home look like? Do I want it to change?
  • What kind of deck building material do you I like most… Composite or Natural?
  • What colors do you prefer?
  • How many individuals do I expect are going to be using the deck on a regular basis?
  • Does your deck need to be accessible by anyone disabled or handicapped?

Dependable, On-time, Deck building and deck installation services in West Windsor, NJ

When working with a deck contractor, don’t guess! Be sure to get references and read offsite testimonials. This will help you avoid a lot of problems and financial troubles. Not every deck builder is a good deck builder. Any deck builder with a solid track record should have many testimonials, reviews and references available. At legends, we are very proud of our past projects, references and our portfolio we have to showcase is quite large.

We are proud of the fact that very rarely are there issues even years after our decks are built. However, should a problem arise we stand by our products and will support you like family. These are the characteristics of a quality company. Make sure your deck building contractor stands behinds his work and has been in business for at least a couple decades so that years from now, your call will be answered. Should our decks ever have an issue, we will resolve the problem fast. You are never more than one phone call away from Legends solving your issue. Having an experienced, knowledgeable company to rely on will reduce headaches and make your deck build a fun and exciting experience.

When we install a deck, we know your family and friends will be trusting the structure we safely built. We take this very seriously. We also know that during the year, weather, storms, and wear and tear from normal usage will test the strength and durability of our work. A deck built by Legends is built to last, regardless of the weather conditions or what mother nature throws our way. We stand behind our construction and our materials and that is why our labor and materials are both excellent. Our team will become your team as we create your vision and the deck you desire

We are very conscience of the environment in West Windsor, NJ!

When building a deck in West Windsor, New Jersey, we will make sure to follow all local laws and regulations. You never have to worry about permits being approved on time as we are familiar with almost every local township in New Jersey. We follow all New Jersey environmental regulations and will leave an ecologically friendly footprint while we construct your new deck. Our clean up process is a spotless one and with the exception of the brand new deck we will build for you, no one will know we were even at your house. We are always conscience of the impact foreign materials, waste, and other debris have on the environment so we look to disturb the natural environment as little as possible. Our objective is to protect and enjoy the environment and build your deck that will allow you to do exactly that!

Lastly, building a new deck, while challenging, should be an exciting and fun experience. With Legends Built as your deck builder contractor, it will be. We want this excitement for you as well and nothing is better than the look on our customers face as their vision becomes a reality. It is your home and you want this to add to the beauty and value of it. We ask you to please take this into consideration when choosing your deck contractor in Warren, New Jersey. We are award winning deck builders and take great pride in delivering this level of quality with every project. Unfortunately, not all deck builders do, so we highly recommend you deal only with reputable, insured, bonded, experienced deck contractors who carry full workman’s comp insurance.

West Windsor is a beautiful city in Mercer County, NJ. With a population of about 30,000 people and was established on February 9th, 1797. It is one of the most affluent cities in New Jersey and in 2008 was listed as one of the top 20 most affluent cities in the United States by Forbes magazine.

Deck Builder in West Windsor, NJ

Are you in West Windsor, New Jersey and planning on building a new deck for your home? Contact your local deck specialists at Legends today to discuss all of your deck requirements. With an abundance of experience, we guarantee a build of the highest quality, which is going to last many decades into the future.

Servicing the West Windsor region of NJ for many years, Legends know the whole area like the back of our hands because we are locals ourselves. You’ve come to the right place if you want a local builder for your upcoming deck project, and we will work closely with you to ensure that it is completed on time as well as on budget.

We always begin our process with a sit-down consultation to go over everything you want and what you need. We will be sure to answer any of your questions, and then work out exactly what your expectations are, before we go over any special instructions you may have together. You can either come in to our offices, of if you’d prefer, we can discuss it all at your house, so that we are all on the same page and have the common goal of turning your dreams of a top-quality deck into a reality.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that while we are designing and building your deck, Legends will always have your best interests at heart. For well over 50 years we have been following a time-tested process for building decks that worked very well for hundreds of previous clients, so we remain confident it will work just as well for your project.

Our ultimate goal is for your deck to be built exactly to the specifications, while our quality workmanship exceeds any prior expectations that you had. Because there will be no disappointments with your stunning new deck, you will instead be entertaining family, friends, and neighbors on it for many, many years to come.

Family owned and family operated, Legends has been servicing the entire region of New Jersey ever since way back in the early 1970s. So, it should come as no surprise that we are able to work with all kinds materials to create whatever style of deck that you choose. We proudly only use American labor, and we certainly never cut corners. If a job is worth doing, then is always worth doing the right way the first time.

Both of the Lecorchicks, Bill Senior and Bill Junior will be there on every project in case you have any queries at all and can also ensure that you end up with exactly what you asked for without any kind of compromise on quality. We want you to feel completely calm and confident throughout the entire project, which is why we

Deck Design, West Windsor, NJ

We take pride in every deck that we design, while working together with you to create the most suitable decking for your West Windsor home in New Jersey. We’ll take into the account the area you live in, and the culture you wish to portray. We pay attention to all of the little things such as the measurements, as well as the look, feel, and overall quality of materials, so we can easily guarantee that your deck is going to last.

There are so many different aspects you should consider when adding on a deck to your home, from style and size, to design and materials. Experience truly matters above all else when building a high-quality deck, which is why Legends can have an overabundance of experience. When you are ready to start hashing out the details, the following list covers the most important things to consider:

  • What will be the main purpose of your deck?
  • What is the estimated budget for this project?
  • How high above ground do you want the deck to be built?
  • What is your yard currently used for, and do you have plans to change it in the future?
  • What is your homes exterior made from and how good does it look?
  • Do you anticipate that elderly or disabled people will use the deck very much?
  • Would you prefer to use composite or natural materials?

Dependable, On-time, Deck Building & Deck Installation Services in West Windsor, NJ

Experienced and dependable, Legends have first-hand experience with how unpredictable the weather in West Windsor, NJ can be, so it is imperative we do everything we can to ensure that your deck remains standing for many decades to come. Legends work is always as strong as it is durable, so your deck will be able to withstand wild storms, scorching heat from the sun, as well as all kinds of general wear and tear. We will always stand by both our products and our clients, so if there ever was any kind of problem with the build, you can rely on our guarantee to return and fix it for you. We are always only a phone call away.

We’re sensitive to the environment in West Windsor, NJ

Whenever we are building our decks in West Windsor, New Jersey, our main goal is to provide quality workmanship, without causing any kind of environmental harm. Because we are always conscious of our environment, we always carefully consider which materials are going to work best for each build, as well as which material has the least impact on the environment.

When we are building a deck in West Windsor, NJ, we always check that we meet the environmental regulations, while also abiding by any relevant local laws. We ensure that your deck has been built to meet or exceed all environmental protocols, as well as take care of any applications required for council permits, before making sure that all approvals are secured. They also guarantee all of our mess will be thoroughly cleaned up and taken from your property, leaving no trace behind that anyone was there at all, with your new deck being the obvious exception, of course. In short, our footprints are always environmentally sensitive.

We understand better than many how important having a comfortable living environment really is. We are a reputable and experienced construction company, so while the Legends team are busy building the new deck for your property, they are also available to deal with anything else that you may need. Because our ultimate goal is a quality build which all but ensures the entire project causes you no stress at all. You don’t need to worry about anything going wrong when you use Legends. Award-winning contractors, who are insured, and bonded, with many decades of experience, Legends always have complete pride in all of their work. Legends have everything you’re going to need right here for the construction of your new deck, so there really is no need to bother even looking elsewhere. Legends always have you covered.

Also sometimes referred to as The West Windsors, the region of West Windsor, NJ includes the two Morris County municipalities of West Windsor Township and West Windsor Borough. The history of this area dates all the way back to 1710, when West Windsor Borough was first settled like it was a quaint little village somewhere in England, while West Windsor Township quickly followed suit when it settled only a few short years later. The whole West Windsor, NJ community has an honestly friendly and charming neighborhood vibe, which explains why we love servicing this region. Whether you are living here or just visiting, there is certainly plenty of history ready for you to explore, plus an abundance of shopping center, swanky restaurants, and a huge variety of other experiences available.

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