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Deck Builder in Tewksbury, NJ

You’re only a call away from having your new deck built in Tewksbury, NJ! Legends has embodied New Jersey for decades, and our clients remain our highest priority. We’re going to help build your priorities and goals for your new deck. We will then proceed to draw up a blueprint and create the new custom deck of your dreams on time and budget. We care about what you want, so all your questions will be answered, and your requests will always be fulfilled to the best of our ability.

We’ve been building decks for over 50 years now, so you can understand why our quality is high. When you get in touch with us, you’ll be talking directly to the Legends Built Owner as they take pride in preparing and building our decks. Bill Lecorchick Sr and Jr will always be there and they’re never going to leave a thing to chance. Our mission is to surpass the standards of the deck you’re designing so that you can have fun with friends and family for years to come.

Call us 732-955-6321 or fill out the form below.

We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible

Legends is a family-owned corporation that has represented New Jerseys consistently since the early 1970s. During your free consultation, we will remove tension and explain everything from top to bottom and A to Z. Actually, there’s almost no situation or deck configuration we don’t know or haven’t seen before. We use American labor and we don’t cut corners which ensures beautiful and reliable work. All you need to think about is who you want to invite for your first outdoor barbecue!

Deck Design in Tewksbury, New Jersey

As with everything that’s built and designed to last, the design phase is extremely crucial. The dimensions and materials need to be properly thought through from the start. Experience matters here, because purchasing the wrong products without considering humidity, deck height, and other weather-related issues which could easily cost extra in the future. That’s why a lot of important questions are to be asked before the deck design stage.

Below are some of the important questions…

  • What was the main purpose of your backyard?
  • Which appears like the outside of your house?
  • What is the deck mainly going to be used for?
  • How far would your deck be off the ground?
  • What’s the project budget?
  • How long do you plan on living in your home?
  • Do you prefer natural wood or composite?
  • What kind of plastic and organic product do you like most?
  • What colors do you like best?
  • Would elderly and young children regularly use the deck?

Dependable, On-Time, Deck Building And Deck Installation Services In Tewksbury, NJ

Each deck built by Legends is always built to last, whatever the circumstances. We are proud that even many years after our decks has been completed, there are hardly ever any issues. But we still we stand by our products and our customers, so if there’s ever been a problem with our decks, it’s easy to fix it. And you’re never more than a phone call away from the solving your deck issues.

Our customer list is filled with positive experiences, which is why our deck portfolio is so big. That’s why it’s a good idea to check references when dealing with a deck contractor. When we build the deck, we know that how important it is to construct it safely so it will be enjoyed by your family and friends. We understand that year after year, the strength and durability of our decks will be tested by wear and tear, as well as by mother nature’s storms and floods. This is where we shine brilliantly.

In Tewksbury, NJ, We Are Sensitive To The Environment!

We will guarantee that we follow by all relevant regulations and practices when building another deck in Tewksbury, New Jersey. You shouldn’t have to stress about the permits being authorized on time, as we know about practically all local New Jersey county. Hiring an established, trustworthy, and respected deck builder like Legends can reduce stress and anxiety with your project, as we are always by your side every single step of the way.

We follow all local laws and guidelines when it comes to sustainability for an eco-friendly footprint whenever we are constructing our decks. With every new deck building project, we are always aware of the impact foreign materials have on the environment and are mindful of it. We know the goal of protecting the environment and enjoying it, not harming it. And our cleaning process will leave your property looking so immaculate that, with the exception of your brand-new deck, nobody would ever know that tradesmen were at your home.
Finally, it should be an enjoyable and exciting experience to build a new deck. It’s your home and this is what you want to add to its beauty and value. We recommend that you deal with experienced and reputable deck builders who are bonded and fully insured, because not all deck builders are. So when choosing your deck contractor in NJ, remember that we are award-winning deck builders who extremely proud of everything we do.,_New_Jersey