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Deck Builder in Robinsville, NJ

Thinking about building a stunning deck in Robinsville, New Jersey? You’ve selected a great place to get going! We invite you to access a wide range of completed projects on our website. We’ve been representing Monmouth County for over 30 years, and our previous works list, as well as our client testimonials, is something we’re really proud of. There is no easier way to check the value of our work than to see our past work and read our feedback from our great customers. We want you to be as enthusiastic about your new deck as we are, but we realize you have a lot of choices to make before you make that decision.

Don’t worry about starting the process. We are here for you! We’ll assist you with your exact requirements from the beginning to the end, including the design and layout of your new deck. Our initial consultation will answer all your questions, address any concerns you may have and fully understand your desires, dreams and expectations, including your financial limitations. Then we’ll start a project that will be exactly what you’re looking for in the custom deck of your comfort level. Our mission is to surpass your standards while designing your deck so that you’ll be happy at every special event or family gathering at home. A large part of our work comes from past clients who have referred us, and we know the importance of having jobs done correctly. We’re here to spread the good news! We want to take care of your issues during your free consultation while describing everything from top to bottom. We’ve seen it all. Bill Lecorchick, the founder and owner of Legends, has been there, done that! There’s almost no deck project he’s not acquainted with. We come to you and take the time for the initial consultation, so that confidence and understanding is established between us. We want you to be happy and to have our space without hurry.

Call us 732-955-6321 or fill out the form below.

We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible

We love the fact that we’re a family-owned business and have been actively representing NJ since the early 1970s, and we’re still sitting down and planning initiatives with families around New Jersey right in the comfort of their homes. Our old fashioned way of doing business with a hand shake and love, no hurry, and getting to know our customer well means trust and respect is always the foundation of who we are. The level of comfort and trust in us is quite significant. Big tasks can take some time, so it’s important that you know who’s on your land and who you’re dealing with.

The customers ‘ expectations are what we’re emotionally attached to, so all the concerns are very significant, as are your feedback for how you’d like the job to be done. We will always do our best to follow your requests to the best of our abilities. Our success is something that we are really proud of, and so will the latest deck that we are designing for you. When you contact us, you’ll be talking directly to the founder of Legends Built, as we are a family owned and operated company. We’ve had a tried and true design method that we’ve been using as a blue print of progress for over 50 years. We would leave nothing to chance, and if any issues arise, you will be speaking to the manager directly.

We also select the best materials from the top suppliers in our business. Although small projects are not a concern, we will not build cheap decks with inferior products or take short cuts to save a nickel now only to have a faulty situation down the road. We’re not going to cut costs foolishly and we always use hard-working American workers. Really necessary… Clean up after the job is done! When we’re done building your roof, clean up is going to be spotless because we handle your house and plan as if it were home owners. All you’re going to have to think about is who you want to invite for your first outdoor entertainment gathering! We enjoy what we do, and so will you, as you can see from our list. Bill Lecorchick, Sr. and/or Bill Lecorchick, Jr will be on-site and accessible for every work and easy to reach should we be absent for any cause.

Deck Design in Robinsville, New Jersey

Since everything is long-lasting and designed to last, the design phase of the deck building is very critical. The look, mateirals, and dimensions need to be properly thought out from the very start. Experience matters, and it’s worth thinking about. Note, choosing the incorrect products and taking into account humidity, correct deck height, weather-related issues, just to mention a few can cost a home owner a lot of time in the future. This is where our long history and expertise in both knowing deck construction and New Jersey’s weather-related issues come into play. In fact, before the deck design stage, there are a lot of important questions to ask Tomake to make sure your new deck is a success. Those queries will also answer other questions regarding scale, materials and style of the project.

Key questions to ask in anticipation of our session…

  • What’s the main purpose of the deck?
  • What are the project’s economic limits?
  • How do I want to use most of my garden for?
  • What does the outside of my house look like? Do I want to change that?
  • What kind of deck building material do you like the best… Composite or Organic?
  • Which shades do you like most about it?
  • How many users do I intend to use the deck on a regular basis?
  • Is there a certain view that I’m trying to get from my deck, and from what angle? How far is my deck going to be off the ground?
  • Can kids and elderly people use the deck on a regular basis?

Dependable, On-time, Deck building and deck installation services in Robinsville, NJ

Don’t presume when you’re dealing with a deck company! Make sure to get referrals and read the off-site testimonials. This will help you avoid a lot of problems and financial difficulties. Not every deck builder is a very good deck builder. Every deck designer with a solid track record should have accessible a range of testimonials, ratings and references. We are very proud of our past projects, references and our portfolio that we have to display is quite broad.

Once we set up your deck, we realize that your family and friends are going to trust the protection we’ve designed securely. We do recognize that during the year, temperature, hurricanes, and wear and tear from daily use will test the strength and durability of our work. The Legends Deck was made to last, regardless of weather conditions. We stand behind our building and our products, which is why our design and services are both outstanding. Our team is going to be your partner because they build what you want on time and on budget.

We are pleased that there are very few problems even years after the deck has been completed. Nonetheless, if a problem arises, we would stick behind our services and embrace you as a family. These are the indicators of a strong company. If our decks ever have a problem, we’re going to solve the problem easily. You’re never more than one phone call away from getting the deck problem resolved. Having an experienced, professional agency by your side each step of the way would through distractions and allow the building of your deck even easier.

We’re sensitive to the environment in Robinsville, NJ!

If we build a deck in Robinsville, New Jersey, we’re going to make sure we obey all the relevant laws and regulations. You don’t have to worry about licenses getting issued on time, because we know nearly every municipality in New Jersey. We meet all environmental regulations and leave an ecologically sensitive footprint while we are constructing your new deck. Our clean-up process is a spotless one, and with the exception of the brand new deck that we’re going to build for you, no one will realize that we were at your place. We’re also aware of the impact of imported goods, garbage, and other pollution on the ecosystem, and we’re trying to disrupt the natural environment as little as possible. Our goal is to preserve and appreciate the outdoors, not to hurt it.

Ultimately, constructing a new deck is supposed to be a great pleasure and enjoyable experience. We want this joy for you as well, and nothing is greater than the smile our customers see when their dream becomes a fact. It’s your house, and you want this to contribute to the charm and quality of it. Also take this into account when selecting your deck contractor in Robinsville, New Jersey. We are award-winning deck builders and truly take pride in our work. Sadly, not all deck builders do, so we highly recommend that you only partner to reliable, licensed, authorized, professional deck contractors that provide maximum job coverage.

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