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Deck Builder in Marlboro, NJ

Legends has been proudly serving Marlboro citizens for generations, so if you’d like a brand-new deck constructed anywhere within Marlboro, New Jersey, we’d love to meet you. Your questions will be answered and all your specific requests will be met. We’re always proud of every single deck we design and every single deck we build. So, whatever kind of deck you’re dreaming about, we’re going to make it a reality. You know that designing your deck is going to be fantastic because of our excellent reputation.

Once we agree on what kind of deck you want, we will lay the project out first and then build it for you within the timeframe and on budget. You can trust that Legends expert deck builders and contractors are working hard for you. Our main goal is to meet and potentially exceed all your requirements, so that you can entertain your friends and relatives for generations to follow on your stunning Legends deck.

Call us 732-955-6321 or fill out the form below.

We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible

We’ve been implementing a method that’s been time-tested after designing decks over 50 years, so there’s no concept we have never had any experience with. We never take shortcuts, we use only American labor, we only collaborate with the best companies who have the highest standards of excellence. And when we’ve finished constructing your brand-new deck, cleaning is going to be completed so easily and effectively that all you’re going to have to think about is inviting friends to your first major deck party!

Legends have been family owned and operated since the early 1970’s, which means we have been proudly serving residents in Marlboro, New Jersey for over 50 years. If you get in touch with us today, you’ll be communicating directly with one of the owners, Bill Lecorchick Senior and Bill Lecorchick Junior. They will be there working on each project to make sure that every job is done correctly, because we don’t like leaving things to chance. We’ll explain everything from start to finish during your free consultation so that you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Deck Design in Marlboro, New Jersey

The design phase of your deck building is extremely important to get right, just like anything that needs to be built to last. And experience matters, which is why hiring Legends when you need a deck built in Marlboro NJ is always a solid choice. Moisture, storms, and other weather-related concerns must be taken into account from the start, and the feel, look, and measurements of materials must be worked out properly too. That’s because purchasing incorrect materials will be a huge waste of time or money. So, there are a number of important questions we will ask before designing your deck.

Below are some of the important questions…

  • What will you use your deck for?
  • Have you settled on a budget?
  • What do you use your backyard for?
  • How high do you want your deck to be?
  • What materials were used for your house?
  • Would you rather natural or composite materials?
  • Will the elderly to use the deck?

Dependable, On-Time, Deck Building And Deck Installation Services In Marlboro, NJ

We know that when we construct your deck, your loved ones will all be assured that we can build a deck safely. While Marlboro, New Jersey does often experience harsh and wild weather, a deck built by Legends will be built strong enough to survive, regardless of the conditions. In fact, this is actually where the Legends team shines bright because the materials quality comes into play here. Even though we are incredibly proud that there are very rarely problems with our work, even years after we have built the deck, we stand by our work as well as our clients. So if you ever have a Legends Deck problem, we’ll always do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

We Are Sensitive To The Environment In Marlboro, NJ!

We are conscious of protecting our environment, so during the construction of your brand-new deck, we always leave behind the smallest possible ecological footprint. We always observe the local regulations and environmental laws when we work on a new deck building project in Marlboro, New Jersey. You will not have to worry about having your permits certified on time, because we have experience with the regulations of many parts of New Jersey. Our cleanup is going to be so immaculate that no one would know that we were at your house, with the obvious exception of your amazing new deck.

It’s never expected to be a negative experience when you’re constructing a new deck. So you should only collaborate with professional and competent deck contractors who are certified and insured, because not all deck manufacturers have the same high standards. As award-winning deck builders with a large portfolio, we are incredibly proud of all our achievements and are proud of our ever-growing list of customers. With an experienced, reputable company like Legends, we can help build your dream deck in New Jersey today!,_New_Jersey