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Deck Builder in Berkeley Heights, NJ

If you want a new deck built at a property somewhere in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, you’ve found the best contractor in town. Legends has been working in this area for decades, and we would be more than happy to represent your family as well. We know that reliability and quality are critical when dealing with contractors, because we feel exactly the same way. Our mission is to ensure that you’ll be happy with your deck, so that you will enjoy having your friends and family over for many more years to come.

Throughout your free consultation, we can discuss everything from floor to ceiling and start to end. Your issues will be resolved so all of your precise instructions will then be fulfilled. After we know what you’re looking at, we’ll begin planning the design and construct your custom-made deck on schedule and within budget. We’re not cutting corners, and we’re always leveraging American labor. We wouldn’t leave it to chance. When we’re done building your deck, the cleanup will be thorough, so all you’ll think about is who you’d like to invite to your first big deck party!

Call us 732-955-6321 or fill out the form below.

We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible

We are proud of every deck design and every deck construction, as you’ll see. Since the 1970s, our family owned and run business has been proudly serving the decent folk of New Jersey. We’ve been implementing our time-tested method for designing and building decks for over 50 years now, so there’s practically no deck layout that we don’t have experience with. You can speak to the B. Lecorchick, Sr. and B. Lecorchick, Jr who are the owners directly when you get in touch with us. They will be involved with every project we take on in order to make sure everything is done right.

Deck Design in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Experience matters, which is worth thinking about before you employ a Deck builder in Nj. The look and feel of materials, and the dimensions must be thought out properly from the start. Otherwise, choosing the incorrect products can cost homeowners a lot of extra time and money in the future. We want to avoid any problems, so there are a few important questions to answer during the design stage.

Essential questions to ask before they include…

  • What is the main purpose of your deck?
  • What’s your deck budget?
  • How high do you want the deck?
  • What is your primary backyard use?
  • What does your house look like?
  • What kind of material would you prefer?
  • Will the elderly or children use the deck?

Dependable, On-time, Deck Building And Deck Installation Services In Berkeley Heights, NJ

The weather in New Jersey can be extreme at times. That being said, all decks built by Legends are meant to be built to last as a permanent structure, regardless of the weather and circumstances. We are proud that even many years after our decks has been completed, there are hardly ever any issues. But we still we stand by our products and our customers, so if there’s ever been a problem with our decks, it’s easy to fix it. And you’re never more than a phone call away from the solving your deck issues.

We acknowledge that year after year, the strength and longevity of our decks will be tested by wear and tear, as well as by the storms and floods of Mother Nature. That’s where we shine brightly. Our customer list is full of hundreds of positive customer experiences, which is why our deck portfolio is so massive. When we build the deck, we know how important it is to build it safely, so that your family and friends can appreciate it. That’s why it’s a smart idea to get accurate references before working with a deck contractor.

In Berkeley Heights, NJ, We Are Sensitive To The Environment.

We recognize that the purpose is to protect and value the earth, not to kill it. When we build a deck in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, we’re going to ensure that all municipal rules and environmental standards are implemented. We are still mindful of the environmental effects of building and foreign components, and we are aware of this in every new deck construction project. You don’t have to think about permits being approved on schedule, because we have experience dealing with most of the counties in New Jersey. We will follow all of the sustainability requirements to guarantee that we leave an eco-friendly footprint behind when we build you your new deck.
Remember that building a new deck for your home should always be a stress-free and exciting experience. Having a successful, respected company by your side each step of the process will reduce the tension and uncertainty of anything that goes wrong with your design. Please take this into account when selecting a NJ Deck contractor. We are award-winning deck builders, and we honestly take great pride in our success. Not every deck builder provides the same quality work as we do, which is why we advise people only hire credible and professional deck builders who are both fully licensed and bonded.,_New_Jersey