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Deck Builder in Colts Neck, NJ

If you are thinking about having a beautiful deck built in Colts Neck, New Jersey you landed on the correct website! Legends has been serving Monmouth County for over 30 years and our client testimonials are where we would ask you to look at so that you can be absolutely sure your project will be our first priority. We will help you from beginning to end including the design of your new deck to your exact requirements. Our initial consultation will answer all of your questions, go over any concerns you may have and completely understand your needs, dreams and desires including your budgetary needs. We then will begin laying out the project that will be exactly what you are looking for in a custom deck within your financial boundaries. Our goal is to exceed your deck building expectations so that you will be excited at every special event or family gathering at your home

Our family run operation and has been proudly serving New Jersey since the early 1970’s and we still sit down and discuss projects with families throughout New Jersey right at the kitchen table. We want to take the worries away during your free consultation while we explain everything from top to bottom. We have seen it all. Bill Lecorchick, founder and owner of Legends has literally seen almost every situation possible. There is simply not a deck design that he is not familiar with. We come to you and take the time on the initial consultation so that both trust and understanding is created amongst us. We want you to be comfortable and our time to be without rush.

Call us 732-955-6321 or fill out the form below.

We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible

Our clients requirements are what we are emotionally attached to, so all your questions are very important as are your instructions for how you would like the job to be handled. We will always do our best to follow your desires to the very best of our ability. Our reputation is something we are very proud of and so will the new deck we build for you. When you call us, you will be speaking directly with an owner of Legends Built as we are a family owned and operated business. We have a tried and true project process that we have been using as a blue print for success for over 50 years. We will leave nothing to chance and should any issue arise you will be talking directly to an owner.

Our materials are all from the very best manufacturers in our industry. We do not cut corners and use beautiful hard working American labor When we are done building your deck, the clean up will be spotless as we treat your home and project as if it were our own. All you will have to worry about is who you want to invite over for your first outdoor entertainment event! As you can see from our gallery, we love what we do and so will you. Bill Lecorchick, Sr. and/or Bill Lecorchick, Jr will be on-site and available on every job and easy to reach out to should we be away for any reason.

Deck Design in Colts Neck, New Jersey

As in everything long lasting and built to endure, the design phase of deck building is very important. The look, feel, materials, and measurements need to be thought out properly from the very beginning. Experience matters and is worth thinking about. Remember, purchasing the wrong materials or not taking into account moisture, proper deck height, weather related concerns, just to name a few can cost a home owner big time in the future. This is where our long history and wisdom in both understanding deck building and New Jersey weather related issues comes into play. In addition, prior to the deck design stage, there are many important questions to ask to make sure your new deck is a success. These questions will help answer other questions about scope, materials, and design layout.

Important questions to ask yourself before our meeting…

  • What is the deck mainly going to be used for?
  • What is my deck building budget?
  • What do I intend my backyard to be mainly used for?
  • What does exterior of my home look like? What look and feel am I after?
  • What kind of material do you I like most… Composite or Natural?
  • On average. How many people are going to be using the deck on a regular basis?
  • Is there a view i am trying to obtain from my deck and at what angle?

Dependable, On-time, Deck building and deck installation services in Colts Neck, NJ

When working with a deck contractor, be sure to get references and read offsite testimonials. This will help you avoid a lot of problemsand financial pain. Any deck builder with experience should have many testimonials, reviews and references at the ready We are very proud of our customer list and our portfolio is huge. When we install a deck, we know your family and friends will be trusting the structure we safely built. We also know that during the year, weather, storms, and wear and tear from normal usage will test the strength and durability of our work. This is actually where we shine bright. A deck built by Legends is built to last, regardless of the weather conditions. We stand behind our construction and our materials. We are proud of the fact that very rarely are there issues even years after the deck is installed. However, should a problem arise we stand by our products and will support you like family. Should our decks ever have an issue, we will resolve the problem rapidly. You are never more than one phone call away from having your deck problem resolved. Having an experienced, well reviewed company at your side every step of the way will reduce the stress and anxiety of anything going wrong with your project.

We are sensitive to the environment in Colts Neck, NJ!

When building a deck in Colts Neck, New Jersey, we will make sure to follow all local laws and regulations. You never have to worry about permits being approved on time as we are familiar with almost every local township in New Jersey. We follow all environmental protocals and will leave an environmentally sensitive footprint while we are constructionist your new deck. Our clean up process is something that we take pride in also and with the exception of the brand new deck you will now own, no one will know we were even at your house. We are always conscience of the impact foreign materials, waste, and other debris have on the environment and as we look to disturb the natural environment as little as possible. Our objective is to protect and enjoy the environment, not do any harm to it.

Lastly, building a new deck should be a fun and enjoyable experience. We want this excitement as well. It is your home and you want this to add to the beauty and value of it. We ask you to please take this into consideration when choosing your deck contractor in Colts Neck, New Jersey. We are award winning deck builders and truly take pride in our craft. Unfortunately, not all deck builders do, and we highly recommend you deal only with reputable, insured, bonded, experienced deck contractors.

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