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Can You Repurpose Wood From An Old Deck To Build A New Deck?

Many people usually decide to dismantle old decks once they get out of shape and they seek to recycle and utilize the wood for varying purposes instead of opting to discard the wood in its entirety. An old deck entails wood that has become washed out hence making the deck frail. This poses many dangers as it could fall at any time. It can be attributed to many factors such as exposure to extreme and adverse weather conditions or the general aging and dilapidation due to the lapse or advancement of time. This necessitates a replacement but many people are not ready to spend a fortune to create an entirely new deck from scratch. The question therefore lingers, can the wood salvaged from the old deck be utilized accordingly to build a new deck instead of acquiring and investing in new wood for the project. Is it feasible or are the consequences too dire to warrant an attempt? This article shall seek to answer this question so that you can know whether it is indeed doable.


Spacious sunny walk out deck with nice view

Repurposing wood from an old deck is not a new concept. It has been in practice for quite some time or literally since medieval times. However, the wood can be used or deployed to fulfill different kinds of projects such as making mulch using the recycled wood, making garden beds and workbenches, building frames to be used in an outdoor kitchen, making shelves, or alternatively deciding to give the wood away as part of a philanthropic endeavor. It is vital to point out that these ideas are workable because they are not as intricate as repurposing the wood to make a new deck.

This is more complex and entails some sophisticated work to ensure that the new deck will be firm and sturdy. To attain this, it is crucial to examine and reexamine the wood to ascertain that it will not let you down in case it has deteriorated completely. This gives you the assurance that the new deck will not be weak. Premised on the foregoing, the definitive answer to this question is that it is possible to repurpose wood from an old deck and employ it to create a new deck if the wood is in pristine condition to avoid building something so feeble and susceptible to an inevitable collapse.


This is often overlooked as a way of repurposing wood from on the old deck. The new creation or establishment is strictly a remodel in this instance. A check is made to verify that the old deck is a good candidate for this rebuild provided or predicated on the state of the wood therein to figure out if there are any other structural issues. If the wood is still okay, you can proceed to remodel the old deck with the use of new rails and stairs to ensure that the wood is not discarded. This saves you a lot of money instead of expending colossal sums of cash towards the construction of an entirely new deck where the prices involved are usually exceedingly exorbitant. The wood will be repurposed through the remodeling and some extra addition of other salient features.

Condition of the Wood

This is the primary and deciding factor and it helps determine whether the wood can be used in some other new project based on its prevailing or current condition. From the outset, it is vital to stress that decks made from treated lumber entail more longevity. Treated timber is easily identifiable or discernible from the rest as depicted through the green hue. This can also be realized through certain finely ingrained markings and labels that help you know whether the timber is treated and well preserved.

There are also a few issues such as an old deck, which was framed, with different types of timber such as cedar or redwood as this has one single implication, that you cannot repurpose such wood unless you commence the project afresh using treated wood. Any sign of rot is also a problem meaning that the wood is in horrid or terrible condition and beyond salvaging. The posts should also be checked from the underground for proper accuracy and veracity about their current state. Treated wood can therefore be easily repurposed but the rest that is not preserved will only cause unnecessary structural issues if reused to create an entirely new deck.

It is possible to reuse wood from an old deck to build a new one, but it may not be advisable. For example, if the boards are still in good shape and you want them for your new project then go ahead. However, do not try this with rotted or warped boards because they will just cause more problems than anything else will. Consider replacing any boards that have been stained before building on top of them as well since these stains often contain chemicals, which can leech into your surface. You should also consider adding support beams underneath the joists so that there is no need for additional framing when installing the new decking material next time around.