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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Read This!

Learning efficient ways to remodel a kitchen is a rite of passage for several homeowners. Careful planning budgeting is required before embarking on the monumental task of remodeling such a crucial room in your home.

Kitchen remodeling never has to be difficult and if you have proficient handyman skills, DIY-ing your kitchen remodel can save money, in most cases. We’ll cover the steps needed to have a painless and stress-free DIY remodel and indicate when it is time to bring in the professionals.

1.  Budget Around a Singular, Must-Have Kitchen Update

When most homeowners daydream about their new kitchen, they often imagine a singular focal point that ties the whole room together.

beautiful kitchen interior in new luxury home.

However, if your dream item is eating into your remodeling budget, reconsider your kitchen remodel around that singular item. You would be surprised how much more achievable your remodeling may be when strategically considering the necessities.

If stainless steel appliances are in the cards for your brand new kitchen but you realize the budget is tight for a new subway tile backsplash, invest in the appliances first. There are plenty of backsplash hacks that can give the illusions of legitimate tiles. Research wallpaper or peel-and-stick tiles and see if this offers the right aesthetic for your kitchen. Adding a few green plants and natural wood decorative accents will help draw a person’s eye away from the faux backsplash.

Besides, you can always revisit transforming your kitchen in the future with all of the wants you originally dreamed of when your finances allow it.

2.  Draft a Timeline for Your Kitchen Remodel

Once you have drafted a budget for your dream kitchen, drafting a timeline is the next necessity.

You should have a general idea of how long your kitchen remodel will take so you and your family can prepare for the construction zone that they will be inevitably living in. While timelines vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of your kitchen, the scope of work being done, whether or not you are doing the remodeling yourself or hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor; average kitchen remodels can take anywhere from one to three months. If you are projecting any longer than three months, we recommend contacting our team to maintain your and your family’s sanity.

3.   Plan Ahead for Future Trends and New Homeowners

It’s never fun to work for someone else, especially when it comes to your home. However, you will thank yourself later when the resale value of your home is higher than expected. Adding unique features like hibachi grills may be a fun addition, it may be odd for others. Remodeling your home with on-trend, yet realistic features are key to ensuring your home sells quickly and you receive a big return on your investment.

4.  Avoid DIY Remodeling When It Comes to Major Renovations

DIY-ing flooring, cabinetry, and countertop installation may save money, it is an easy way to wind up with shoddy work and overspending on fixing any mistakes or buying incorrect materials. Improperly installing flooring or other kitchen features can result in uneven floor surfaces or damaging the subfloor

Worst of all, If you have not followed every step of the installation manual, you can void the manufacturer’s warranty, meaning refunds are out of the question and you will be bound to buy everything twice. Ouch.

Additionally, if you are unaware of local housing codes or limitations from your home owner’s association, you may be paying more out of pocket for negligence. Violating these codes may not pass home inspections and cause danger to your family.

You will undoubtedly be saving more money in the long run by hiring kitchen remodeling professionals to do it right the first time.

For Legendary Kitchen Remodeling, Legends Home Improvement Is Here To Help

Being realistic about your handyman skills can be a hit to your ego, but you never want to take an unnecessary hit to your bank account either. Therefore, DIY may not be an option. Whether you need help changing light fixtures or want to install a new kitchen island for your friends and family to enjoy in your new kitchen, Legends Home Improvement can help.

We are New Jersey’s choice for high-quality home maintenance, repair, and remodeling craftsmen to help you get the job done right the first time. When you schedule an appointment with our team of kitchen remodeling & renovation specialists, we will develop a design plan you’ll love that fits your budget, and our team will see that plan through with precision. Contact us today to bring your dream kitchen to life.