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Top 5 Outdoor Living Ideas for Families with Children

Many homeowners take pride in their homes, investing a lot of money and time restructuring the interior. However, it can be refreshing to step out the confines of the indoors and spend more time outdoors. Doing this is especially enjoyable during the summer, spring, and fall seasons. When the weather is incredible, you cannot afford missing a nice day outside.

As a disclaimer, we are assuming that your back yard already has a beautiful deck attached to the house. If you do not have a deck, we assume you have good reason for not having one as adding a deck to a back yard to compliment a home is a no-brainer! We already have plenty of articles and ideas for decks, deck expansion and for New Jersey and tri-state residents, the kinds of expansions and materials that should be used. This article is going to go “beyond” the deck ideas.

Spending time outdoors does not necessarily mean that you have to abandon your comforts. With just a few adjustments, you can make your outdoor space as comfortable as what you have indoors. Turning a patio, porch, yard, or other outdoor area into a good outdoor living space can be very rewarding, because it helps to expand your living space into the outdoors.

However, creating an outdoor living space as a family with kids can be a bit overwhelming. This is because you have to pay attention to many factors to ensure you create a great place that your kids will love and enjoy. This outdoor area also needs to be safe to ensure nothing happens to your children while you are not looking.

Read on to learn 5 outdoor living ideas for families with children:

Design an Ideal Outdoor Living Room for You and Your Kids

Just because you are designing a space outside your house, it does not mean you should forget the fundamentals behind designing a social area. When designing an outdoor living room, you should not position all furniture against one wall. Instead, consider placing your sofas and seats against opposite walls so that you leave enough space for people to sit and socialize. When you do this your family, including the kids, will have a great area to talk to each other, play games, and enjoy lunch or dinner together. Arranging your outdoor living area correctly creates a comfortable and intimate feeling.

Make Your Outdoor Space Serene by Adding a Water Feature

Adding water into your outdoor living space helps provide a soothing sound and dimensions of cool tranquility. Adding water features for the whole family can take all kinds of dimensions, from cascading waterfalls to small-store bought fountains. What you decide to go with will depend on how wet and wild you want to make your outdoor space.

When choosing a water feature, you should take into consideration whether your kids will be okay with it. If they are too young, ensure the water body you introduce to them is not very deep. If they are old enough to swim, you could even buy or rent out a pool for them.

Give Everyone Their Own Zone When Creating Outdoor Living Space

Adults and kids use outdoor spaces differently – adults want to relax and entertain their friends, while kids want to play and enjoy themselves. At most times, these activities do not complement each other and that is why it is important for everyone to have their own space.

One way to go about this is to create a garden and break it into several bands that extend parallel to the house. You can make the area closest to your house as a shared-use area, where adults can sit and relax as they watch young kids play. On the other hand, you can make the area further out into the yard a place for swings, slides, or sports.

Add Plants to Bring Life to Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding plants is not only a great way to decorate your outdoor living space, but the planting activity is a great hobby to teach your kids. Introducing your children to planting at an early age helps them grow up with a lot of gardening knowledge, which will enable them to take care of the environment even when they get older. If your garden space is limited, you can grow these plants in containers.

Invest in a Multipurpose Outdoor Playhouse

A properly designed outbuilding can serve multiple functions – hang out for adults and play space for kids. You can create two different sections for the two distinct purposes – the ground floor can house play equipment for the kids, while the first floor can be an open space where adults can sit, relax, and enjoy themselves. There is no exact way to go about designing playhouses as they can range from everything including firehouses, castles, clubhouses, and cottages. There are unlimited ways to integrate your family’s interest into their very own space.

It does not really matter whether you have a small patio, a roof deck, or a large terrace – when outdoor spaces are well decorated and designed, they become idea spots to hang out and enjoy during hot seasons of the year. With the aforementioned tips, you will be able to take your outdoor living a notch higher.