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Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchens
Outdoor kitchens mean more than cooking…… it’s means keeping you, the host, part of the activities. When you include the grill, side burner, sink, refrigerator, keg-erator, ice maker and utility drawers you never have to go into the kitchen, garage, or basement and leave the fun throughout the entire day of festivities.

The Outdoor Kitchen Means… Inclusion

  • The host is almost always excluded from a lot of the activities and fun. The host is moving food, drinks, condiments, deserts and utensils in and out of the kitchen throughout the party.
  • Unless you are having your party catered, your are busy with the hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad and drinks going in and out of the kitchen, garage or basement. You are working and not enjoying.
  • An outdoor kitchen takes the work out of your party. Everything you need is always within an arms reach, while you enjoy your guests and all the activities. Even while cooking your are part of the fun.
  • Legends can design the kitchen area to have the bar as part of the grilling area. With this design your guests are with you and you are part of the conversation and laughter. Not feeling left out of the fun.
  • The bar, being with the grill, allows the refrigerator to be within reach for mixed drinks and the kegerator is right there to serve tap beer. This makes it possible to enjoy your guests without leaving them as you grill the hamburgers and hot dogs.
  • At the end of day, just put things away in the outdoor kitchen, easily and quickly. The perishables go right into the fridge, and wash the utensils at the sink. No more endless trips into the house.

A Personal Note

An outdoor kitchen is far more than a grilling area. The outdoor kitchen allows you, the host, to enjoy the day with your family and guests.

With the standalone grill, the host has to continually bring food, condiments, drinks and utensils in and out of the kitchen, garage or basement. An endless routine to get and keep your guests fed and hydrated. Everything may go as you planned, but guess who is working and not really enjoying the festivities.

I have found the well designed and nicely equipped outdoor kitchen takes the work out of your day. It allows you, the host, to stay with your guests throughout the day and be part of all the activities, laughs and conversations.

Install a refrigerator or two. These refrigerators are much small than the one in your kitchen and you may find one fridge will not service your needs. If you like the idea of tap beer, the kegerator is not only functional but a nice conversation piece. An ice machine is a little costly but it is a really nice feature if you party frequently. If possible, a sink is a really nice feature to include and of course a natural gas grill eliminates the need for propane. We will include several electrical outlets to make it all very easy and convenient.

Let us design the bar area into the kitchen area and you will not only be the host but you will enjoy your guests and the day.

At the end of the day, put the perishables into the outdoor fridge, clean the few utensils in the sink and put them in the outdoor drawers. No endless trips in and out of the kitchen. Quickly put everything in its place and call it a day.

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