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Is Your Outdoor Deck Functional After Dark?

vititoeporch5A lot is being said about decks, porches and gazebos these days. They’ve become a fashionable way to extend the functional square footage of your home, and to blend your living space with the great outdoors.

It’s no wonder people are putting more thought and resources into deck designs. Aside from built-in features like ovens, seating and water features, homeowners and builders are looking at ways to make decks more functional at night. This allows them to better enjoy those starry evenings, whether in the heat of summer or the chill of autumn.

Built-in lighting is a relatively new arena for outdoor deck builders and enthusiasts, and a lot of exciting things have been done in recent years. People are often amazed at how modern, efficient lighting can bring an outdoor deck to life at night.

So the question is, how functional is your outdoor deck when the sun goes down? Could creative lighting increase your deck’s usefulness and overall value? Read on to find out.

Go Solar

You may have seen these lights on the deck of a friend or neighbor. They’ve been around awhile, but the technology has gotten much better in recent years. It’s important to make sure the lights (in particular the battery cells) are exposed to regular sunlight. That way you can enjoy natural, eco-friendly lighting throughout the evening.

Fire it up

Real flames are something you obvious have to be careful with, but many deck owners swear by them. A series of built-in or freestanding tiki torches can give your deck a celebratory, exotic feel. Built-in fire pits also come in a variety of designs, providing elements of lighting and heat in the evening hours.

LED lighting

This is still probably the most functional and practical types of lighting according to many outdoor deck builders. LEDs come in thousands of different designs and can add custom, creative lighting accents to your outdoor deck. Due to their high efficiency, the impact on your energy bill is negligible. Consider installing LED lights

  • Along the stairs of your deck
  • Beneath the hand/support rails
  • On the edges/walkways of the deck
  • On post caps and other accent points

Professional or DIY?

You’ll find plenty of deck lighting options out there, whether they’re professionally installed or DIY. If you’re looking for a truly integrated look, building attractive lighting features into your deck can take things to the next level. If a simple, budget-friendly solution is what you’re after, you can find standalone LED, torch, and solar lighting in your neighborhood home store.

No shortage of options

If you’re going to invest in a new outdoor deck (or if you already have), it only makes sense to get the most out of it. For many property owners, this means looking at unique lighting options to bring the deck to life when the sun goes down. When lighting is done right by a professional deck builder, you might be surprised at the difference it can make.

Thanks for reading our blog, and we hope this information has been helpful!