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Our Showroom


Legends works with the 7 largest, national deck and railing manufacture’s. Other contractors limit or strongly suggest a single manufacturer of decking materials. We don’t believe that we should hide the variety of material choices available to you. In our showroom, we beautifully and simply display all the materials available.

You have choices and options

  • Don’t limit your deck choices because the contractor works with on or two manufacturers.
  • Contractors limit your choices because all the manufacturer’s offer incentives such as immediate discounts, substantial end of year money bonuses, Caribbean vacations, tools and an assortment of other offerings to get the contractor to use only their product line.
  • By participating in these programs, the requirements are high enough that the contractor must only offer one or two product lines. All these incentives are based on products purchased. At Legends, we don’t participate in any incentive program because it is unfairly limiting to our customers and their options.
  • Did you know that all 7 manufacturer’s offer 69 different decking board choices, that we display, neatly, cleanly and simply in our showroom. We also display 24 different railing possibilities.
  • We show 9 different skirt/apron possibilities, 7 fascia and nosing options, and a choice of 4 different step finishes. We also display cultured stone, column choices and a fireplace is displayed.
  • Our showroom is for you, our customer. There are a tremendous amount of options and displayed for your convenience. A deck is a major home improvements, you should know your options.