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Can I Build A New Deck During The Colder Month?

Many often overlook a deck but it is one of the most welcome additions to any given home. It creates a perfect outdoor area vital for bonding between family and other proximate friends. A deck is a perfect alternative to the usual indoor space that many people are usually accustomed to. More so, it aids to contribute to the overall value of a home hence it is not merely a random structure devoid of any additive worth. There exists a huge misconception that decks are only fitting in the summer or hot months and that it can only be preferably constructed during such seasons.

The winter is rarely associated with any outside endeavor or project due to the harsh and adverse weather conditions that come with such seasons and its perceived extremities. However, this myth ought to be demystified since it is indeed possible to construct a new deck during the colder months and this comes with many benefits that may remain oblivious of. This article shall give a proper outline of the several reasons as to why it is quite possible to make a deck in the winter including any additional advantages that come with it.

Building a new above ground deck, patio construction.
  • Better Terms In The Colder Months

To answer the question sufficiently, it is vital to mention that building a new deck is actually the best idea hence it is advisable that you opt for it. One of the reasons is that during these seasons, many contractors are usually readily available as they are not busy and caught up in hectic schedules. The contractors are free and not as pre-occupied; as this season does not entail many construction projects, hence they have less on the table.

The implication herein is that they tend to give you better and much favorable terms and discounts as the bids are quite competitive and this is overly advantageous to the client or homeowner. Further, due to the contractor’s minimal engagements in the colder months, you are definitely guaranteed to get a better completion time without any unwarranted delays. This rids you of the hassles of making incessant calls trying to follow up on the progress of your project hence it is imperative that you take note of this and make a proper decision of building a new deck during the colder months.

  • Landscaping

Building a new deck during the colder months is a feasible idea during the colder months since contrary to the opinions of many, the landscape and conditions of your lawn are much improved. This is in stark contrast to the hot summer months where the weather is extremely inconsistent and this unpredictability renders it difficult to erect a new deck with consummate ease. The winter months often entail only two dominant aspects and this cold and extreme cold. This is workable since the lawn ceases growing and the plants or flowers become dormant thus rendering the landscape perfect to work with as it is in pristine condition. More so, a new deck usually entails some intense digging, which is better done in a much harder surface than in a wet and muddy area. The answer to the question herein is therefore in the affirmative and it is definitely a very viable idea.

  • Hassle-Free Planning

As mentioned above albeit in passing, many contractors are often engaged in the summer months. This is even truer after the filing of the tax returns and the time the tax refunds are bound or about to be made. This means that you will be put on a waiting list thus stalling your project as depicted in the above-mentioned point. Timelines always matter in construction as a lot of planning is involved. This means that winter should be capitalized on to ensure that everything is perfectly aligned. The desire of every homeowner is to get their project completed promptly and wise people know that the best time is in the winter before the inevitable spring rush kicks in.

  • Maximizing Utilization

Building a new deck in the winter has certainly been proved doable. Further, it is the best time to do it since it guarantees you that as the weather breaks soon thereafter, you will be able to take full advantage of the newly constructed deck when other people are battling all the potentially unsurmountable odds to try and build their deck at such an inopportune time. Constructing the new deck in the downtime of the winter season is ideal. This should actually serve to work in your favor.

Due to the tough weather conditions, building a deck during the cold winter months is not very common. However, you can still do it to reduce costs because the builders are usually not quite busy at this time.