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Patio and garden of family home at summer

How Will a New Deck Impact Your Bank Account?

What’s your square footage, how complicated is your design, and what’s the surrounding terrain? It should come as no surprise that increasing the square footage of your deck will also increase the overall cost. Deck builders often charge by the square foot for installation, and materials are also commonly sold per square foot. The next…

Wooden deck and patio of family home at night.

Can My Outdoor Deck Be Salvaged?

In short, many homeowners find themselves asking one important question: Can my deck be salvaged? Is my only option to tear it down and start over, or do I have other options? Finding answers to these questions could result in serious expenses or big savings, depending on whether you find the correct information. If your…

Walkout deck with patio area and wood pergola. Pegola furnished with patio dining table set and sofa.

4 Ways to Use Your Pergola This Summer

You have a shaded and somewhat private space, but you also have the advantage of the sunshine and fresh air. So grab a cold glass of iced tea and kickback to enjoy that mystery novel you’ve been waiting to check out! 2. Yoga> Many yoga enthusiasts know how enjoyable it can be to practice outdoors…