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Large pool with chairs.

How Much Weight Can A Deck Hold?

No one wants to unknowingly put their friends and family in harm’s way, but when the weight on top of a deck exceeds the deck load limit, that is exactly what happens. When a deck collapses, it may not only injure those on it but also cost homeowners time and money with necessary repairs and…

beautiful view off a new luxury deck

What Are Deck Post Caps?

Think of your deck as a blank canvas. It’s waiting for you to incorporate bold new accessories that reflect your desired design aesthetic. One of the simplest ways to transform the look of your deck and curate a personalized open-air space is to attach railing post caps to your deck’s railing system. But what are…

Comfortable chairs on an outdoor brick patio

7 Benefits of a Backyard Stay-cation

Uncertain about making travel plans or spending money for a one-time vacation? Many homeowners are choosing to turn their backyard into a staycation resort. Here’s how to get the most out of your backyard and turn it into a safe place for you and your family to relax and unwind. Benefits of a Backyard Staycation…

Sleek modern kitchen design with a kitchen peninsula

Quartz vs. Laminate Countertops

Homeowners who once might have flocked to quartz now may find themselves also taking a second look at laminate counters. While quartz countertops may add more value to a home than laminate countertops (and they’re more durable), laminate countertops are more affordable to install, among other characteristics in their favor.  Read on for a breakdown…

Covered deck

What Are The Benefits of a Covered Deck?

For many homeowners, the focus for home improvement often falls onto the interior of their property, meaning their outside space becomes neglected. However, a beautifully-curated outdoor living area can present just as many entertainment and comfort opportunities as a well-thought-out and planned interior. One of the many outdoor features that you can add to your…