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Is Your Deck Repair Company the Real Deal?

Deck repair can take many different forms — from assessing and repairing the underlying frame, to fixing trouble spots, to removing the entire surface of the deck and fitting it with a brand new one. Known as “deck resurfacing,” this process has become increasingly popular with homeowners looking for good results at a lower overall price point. It also highlights the fact that with the right kind of repairs and maintenance, the lifespan of your outdoor deck can be stretched farther than ever before.

But how do you find a contractor who really delivers in all of these important areas?

It may sound like an obscure question, but the fact is, people are losing thousands of dollars every year on shoddy deck repair jobs, or temporary ‘fixes’ that were never really meant for long-term results.

Building a backyard deck with worker putting with nail gun patio construction terrace
In other words, choosing the right outdoor deck specialist for your repair or resurfacing job can save you real money over time — not to mention the stress and frustration involved in dealing with “subpar” contractors.

If you’re looking for a standout deck company, here are some of the main things you should be looking for:

  1. Years of industry experience

How many years has your outdoor deck specialist been out in the field, building and resurfacing and repairing outdoor decks? This is a very important question. When a contractor has at least 5-10 years of experience in the field, they’ve learned a lot of important lessons. They’ve hopefully refined their methodology and know how to make clients happy with the entire process, from design and scheduling to the finished result.

  1. Clear and fair pricing structures

Nobody wants to be ‘hit’ with a bunch of extra expenses that weren’t agreed on at the beginning of the project. But this does happen, and some outdoor decking contractors make a habit of trying to get away with sneaky pricing structures and surprise add-ons. One of the hallmarks of a good professional is a pricing structure that’s clear, fair and accurate. The price you agree with at the beginning of the project is what you should actually pay.

  1. Honest advice with no obligation

Have you ever been pressured by a contractor or retailer? Most likely the answer is not only ‘yes’ but ‘many times.’ This should have to be the case when you make a move to restore, resurface or repair your outdoor deck. The real professionals want you to have a good experience with their company, whether you ultimately choose to hire them or not.

Make a solid choice for your outdoor deck needs

It’s no exaggeration to say that working with the right outdoor deck specialist can make a meaningful difference to the average homeowner, from getting the best deal to enjoying the finest professional results. On the other hand, selecting an inexperienced or disreputable contractor (and they do exist, unfortunately) can lead down a path of extra expenditures and overall disappointment. Put your outdoor deck in the right hands by looking out for the traits listed here!