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How To Add Years To The Life Of Your Deck

Adding a deck to your property no doubt will increase its value, both monetarily and aesthetically. There are a few things you need to know, however when installing a new deck that will ensure your deck lasts a long time. Like most other parts of your home that are subject to outdoor conditioning and weather decks need maintenance.

Some types of decks require more than others of course, but if you consider your options correctly before installation of the cheapest materials you can get your hands on, you could end up saving bucket loads of cash in the next ten to twenty years in maintenance costs. Of course, if you spend more money, to begin with, you will get better quality products, however not all expensive products when it comes to decking are necessary options for your home and your new addition.

Here are a few things to consider that will add to the life of your deck.

Building new? Plan!

Planning is the most important part of a new build. The decisions you make in the planning stages of your deck will greatly influence the lifespan of your deck. Choosing the right materials, adding a roof, choosing the right coatings for the materials you are using and utilizing or acknowledging the surroundings will help you to achieve a long-term goal, rather than a make-do goal.


Choosing the right timber for your location and application are very important. Making sure you use quality materials will ensure a longer life of the whole area. Using cheaper timber to create a deck is never a good idea if you want it to last forever. A lot of cheaper timbers are prone to cracking and warping if they are exposed to constant weather. The weather in NJ can be harsh, and you need to consider your location carefully before deciding which materials to use. You will need to choose a material that won’t warp or crack under high variations of temperatures and choose wisely if your deck will be exposed to rain. If your timber is exposed to direct sunlight it can very quickly deteriorate, so another great decision to make your deck last much longer is to add a roof.


Adding a deck roof is vital if you want to use it all year around, and if you want it to last. A roof will protect the materials you use for the flooring of your new outdoor space and will also protect you from the weather. Even if you don’t plan on using your outdoor space all year round, it still makes sense to cover it so your investment is protected. There’s no point spending thousands of dollars on an amazing deck if you aren’t going to protect it.

Protective Coatings

Different types of timber react differently to weather and you need to ensure each different type of timber is protected the right way. Some timbers are fine for twenty years with a simple coast of paint, and some require constant oiling or varnishing. Speak to your decking professionals to see what options suit your space best.

Location and Surroundings

The location and surroundings of the space in your yard where the deck is to be located are important. If you have large trees around you need to consider that when they drop leaves they can affect the lifespan of your timber deck. Falling branches can also impact your roofing, so if this is the case you may like to consider a more robust design. Weather exposure is the biggest factor that will lessen the life of your deck, so protect it as much as you can.

These are all important things to consider when installing a new deck. If you are upgrading your existing deck, you may be tempted to use some of these tips to protect your deck once renovated to make sure you get a better life next time around.