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How to Give Your Porch the ‘Wow’ Factor

As a homeowner, what’s more important: Functionality or aesthetic value? You’ve probably asked yourself this question before—but the answer may change depending on what part of the home you’re talking about. The utility room is all about functionality, for example. The dining room may be more about looks than anything. Most areas of the home, including the kitchen and bathrooms, rely on a savvy combination of the two.

What about your porch, terrace or outdoor deck? Do you value the way it looks over the way it operates, or vice versa?

Most people will hesitate to answer this question, and for one simple reason: They know that both are valuable. A porch needs to be useful, adding functional square footage and useful everyday options to the property. But it also needs to look great. It needs to add to the property’s curb appeal, not detract from it.

Lovely outdoor deck patio space with white dining pergola.

Easier said than done, right?

Not necessarily. Here are some practical, proven ways to give you porch the “wow” factor without sacrificing any of the functionality you need.

Built-in fireplaces

Cozying up by a crackling fire isn’t something you can only do inside. Built-in fireplaces can give your porch or outdoor deck an extraordinary quality, and can make outdoor entertaining special and fun.

Ceiling fans

What better way to stay cool and relaxed than a ceiling fan? This is another amenity people don’t offer consider for outdoor spaces, but it can make the difference between slightly uncomfortable and “just right,” without the need for clunky floor models.

Custom detailing

Add pizazz to your outdoor space with posts, crown molding, ornate columns, brickwork, and other custom design details.

Roof extensions

Giving your outdoor space some extra coverage with a roof extension is both functional—it keeps the rain well away from your carefully selected furnishings—and visually attractive. It can add a pleasing, spacious elements to your design.

A rustic touch

Consider using heavy timber or reclaimed wood for aspects of your porch, including the roof and support beams, to give it a charming rustic feel.

An outdoor kitchen

If you really want to go all out (and you have the budget to support a bigger project), consider a partial or full outdoor kitchen in your porch or deck. The ability to cook while you socialize outdoors is like nothing else.


Partial shade can be just the thing for your outdoor space. Custom patterns can let the light down in fantastic ways, and you can also grow vines and plants on custom built pergolas. Just don’t expect them to keep out the rain!

A breath of fresh air

Designing a new or renovated porch doesn’t have to be an exercise in mediocrity. With the right home renovation specialist on your side, you can make your porch more than a purely functional space for your home. You can make it an attractive focal point that actually gets people talking. With a skilled and qualified professional, you can make your new porch something to really be proud of.