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Gazebos and Pergolas

Gazebos and Pergolas are very pleasant, beautiful and enjoyable features to any deck or patio. The octagonal gazebo adds beauty and creates an enjoyable sitting area for conversation, reading or as a meditation area. A pergola acts as a pleasant visual feature to your “outdoor living area”

Pleasant and Appealing…

  • An octagonal style gazebo is the most popular roofed feature on a deck or patio, adding a warm appeal to your entertainment area
  • The octagonal style gazebos add a personality that is difficult to match with any other roofed feature.
  • This style of gazebo is absolutely beautiful while you sit under it, looking at it from the inside of the house, pool or the other side of your deck or patio. It is an appealing feature.
  • The square or rectangular gazebo is far more functional than an octagonal style gazebo and has more of a pavilion appeal
  • What a square or rectangular gazebo lacks in warmth and appeal, it more than makes up for it in functional.
  • The simple square or rectangle gazebo allows for a larger amount of people to enjoy the area. It serves better for an eating or a gathering space for any party or function.
  • If you want the function of the square or rectangle gazebo but want the warmth of the octagonal style, have us make the ends dog eared to make it more appealing by giving the feel of the octagonal gazebo and function of the square or rectangular style.

A Personal Note

What we have found is by attaching a roofed area to your home, it will be far more functional area, that is easily used and more efficient than a gazebo, the attached roof does not share the visual appeal and warmth of the octagonal gazebo.

The octagonal gazebo definitely adds a warm, park like look and feel to your deck or patio. It has that certain, inviting and pleasant visual appeal to it as seen from your house, swimming pool, lawn or the other side of your deck.

The octagonal gazebo is great for conversation, reading or for meditation. It is a beautiful addition to your “outdoor living area”

We have found that the square or rectangular gazebos have more of a pavilion style to it. This style of gazebo is far more functional than the octagonal style. It is great for eating in the shade or gathering a large group of family and friends.

We believe a pergola is a beautiful feature to any outdoor entertainment area. We also believe, the pergola serves more of a appealing visual feature to any deck or patio. We have not found it to be a functional feature.

Although many manufacturer’s offer canvas or slatted shading options to be installed between the rafters to increase the function of a pergola. We strongly believe that these shading options do not add any function to the pergola.

We can make a pergola from wood or install PVC or fiberglass pergola kits. We would recommend the fiberglass pergola over any other option. It is printable, stainable, sturdier and better looking but unfortunately the fiberglass pergola is the most expensive choice.