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Gazebo Vs Pergola Which is Better?

A gazebo is an octagonal structure sitting in the lawn of some homes. Gazebos are enclosed and have a solid roof that protects the occupants from weather and insects. They are constructed using materials such as wood, vinyl or aluminum. They have a raised floor that inhibits rainwater and debris from getting inside it.

A pergola on the other hand is a round, square or a rectangular area that connects one point or structure through a walkway to another structure or point in your garden or lawn. They are mainly built of hard wood and beams on top, which are distanced according to someone’s desire. Growing creepers mainly characterize the roof. This article looks at the differences between a gazebo and pergola, information that will help you make a good decision on the one to install in your house.


Pergolas have a larger space that can host a large number of people whenever you have an event. It is also a good place to relax during summers and springs. You could hold a family get together there and chat all day as you enjoy the weather. You could even do your wedding here, if you like to keep things simple.

A gazebo provides a good place to relax or talk with just a few number of friends, usually, 8-12. You could hold a small private meeting here or any other small event. It can even act as a place to chill out as you chat and roast hot dogs and marshmallows, if you have installed a fireplace. You can even customize it with a couch and electricity, such that you can fall asleep on the couch, covered in a blanket.


A pergola is much simpler to install. You just erect a number of poles made of hard wood into a bare ground, and then join the poles together with several beams crossing over the top. You can decide to leave the beams to act as your roof or have creepers growing over the top. However, going the creepers way will make it look authentic. For some bit of protection from sunlight, you can have fiberglass covering the top of the pergola. In addition to this, the installation is something that you could decide to do by yourself.

With a gazebo, it is much hard to install. It requires a raised ground and specific floor. It is constructed to take an octagonal shape, with walls being completely sealed. It is sometimes fitted with accessories for luxury and has windows and doors. Unless you are a professional, a gazebo is quite hard to construct by yourself. However, it can be easier if you buy a readymade structure.


The complexity of a gazebo makes it more expensive to install or construct if at all you can do it yourself. It requires a raised ground to put your floor. The materials used to make a gazebo are more expensive. For it to fulfill its intended purpose, it requires personalized accessories that come at an extra cost than just a simple gazebo. The cost of construction is higher since you can only hire a professional for the job. However, once installed, it requires little maintenance costs since it takes longer than a pergola before requiring repairs.

A pergola is the most cost effective between the two. It just requires erection of the poles and the beams, and growing of the creepers. This makes it even simpler to construct and you can even decide to make it yourself, with an extra pair of hands. Since there is no much required in terms of accessories, this makes it less expensive than a gazebo. It is important however to note that it requires more maintenance costs than a gazebo since the structure is not strong enough, hence vulnerable to the strong winds.

Protection from Elements

A gazebo has walls, windows and a solid roof that provides protection from harsh weather and insects. The walls are made of materials that are of quality, while the closeness of the walls makes it even harder for strong winds to sweep away the structure.

A pergola on the other hand is made of just poles mounted into the ground and beams crossing over it. For this reason, it does not protect the occupants from strong winds, sunlight and insect bites.

The answer to the question of which is better between a pergola and a gazebo rests with an individual. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve from either of them. All the above factors have to be considered and your choice will be determined by your personal preference based on these elements.