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Four Great Reasons to Build a Roofed Deck or Gazebo

weiseporch2Roofed decks and gazebos have always been good outdoor living features for your home, but they’ve enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Modern homeowners recognize roofed decks as a great way to relax, entertain, and enjoy the view without worrying about rain or harsh sunshine. Likewise, gazebos are an attractive focal point to a landscaped property, and a great way to spend time outdoors while protected from the elements.

But are these home additions really worth it? When homeowners invest in roofed decks or gazebos, what are their reasons for doing so?

1. Precious shade

If you live in a cooler climate or a region where it doesn’t rain much, adding a gazebo or a roof over your deck may not be a very sensible decision. But if you live somewhere that heats up in the warmer months (or is warm year around), a roof enables you to still enjoy your outdoor space but stay cool and dry. Roofed decks and gazebos are also great for entertaining. They allow homeowners to have outdoor get togethers, rain or shine.

2. Visual appeal

A roof over your deck encloses the space, and according to many homeowners and designers, makes the deck more aesthetically pleasing. Placing a roof over just part of your deck can also tie together a focal point of your deck, such as the seating area, while leaving a portion of the deck open to the sun.

3. Protection

Outdoor decks are vulnerable to the elements, particularly UV rays and moisture. Moisture can cause the wood to crack, splinter, and rot. A stain or sealer can help protect the surface of your deck—but a roof is the ultimate protection, shielding your deck from harsh sunlight and water throughout the year. Many homeowners choose a roofed structure simply to protect their investment and extend its lifespan.

4. Resale value

Because of the protection and other functional benefits of a roofed deck or gazebo, these additions can also add value to your home. Potential buyers notice that these structures are protected, which decreases the amount of maintenance and repair involved.

Put a roof on it

Roofed decks and gazebos are a truly versatile and attractive option for today’s discerning homeowner. If you decide to build a new roofed deck, or add a roof to your existing deck, there are several styles of roof to choose from. For long and narrow decks, a good choice is a shed roof. This is a single, sloped surface that starts at an exterior wall of your house and ends at the support posts. The most common type of roof is a gable roof, which is triangular in shape and can blend in well with many kinds of architecture. Hip roofs slope downward more gently than gable roofs.

Gazebos also offer a number of different styles and finishes. The important thing will be choosing a design that fits your landscape while providing the functionality you want: enjoying the outdoors when it’s hot or raining, protecting your structure from UV rays and moisture, and increase your market value over time. Consulting a qualified outdoor deck specialist is a good first step toward building the perfect deck or gazebo for you property.