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Five Luxury Outdoor Deck Ideas You Haven’t Considered

weiseporch1When you think of an outdoor deck for your home, you probably aren’t picturing anything very luxurious. In the past—and even today—many outdoor decks are very basic. A platform, a railing, and probably a staircase allowing access from the ground. The primary use is grilling, lounging and possibly entertaining.

These are still important uses for any homeowner, but the concept of the outdoor deck has evolved considerably in recent years. People are taking a fresh look at outdoor decks and imagining new ways to use them, from gourmet outdoor cooking and entertaining to yoga and late night relaxation.

If you’ve been thinking about installing in a new outdoor deck for you home, take a look at these five luxury ideas you probably haven’t considered. They may raise the cost of your outdoor deck project, but they also raise the bar on what you can expect.

1. The outdoor kitchen

That old charcoal grill is charming, sure—but many homeowners are going in a different direction. Full outdoor kitchens can make meal preparation fun and fresh during the warmer months, specially with amenities like full gas ranges, pizza ovens, and built-in refrigeration.

2. The multi-tier design

Not all decks are flat, plain surfaces. Adding multiple tiers to your deck can create distinct areas for entertaining, cooking, exercise, or other functions. It also provides visual depth and aesthetic appeal to your residential outdoor deck. Ask your contractor about multi-tier designs and how they might affect your budget—you might be surprised at how accessible this feature can be.

3. Built-in seating

Integrated seating is increasingly common, and the design options are limitless. A reputable outdoor deck builder will be experienced in designing and installing designs that include any number of built-in seating options.

4. The fireplace

Fancy a relaxing night under the stars? A built in fireplace or fire pit can truly take your deck to the next level. It also gives you place to relax and stay warm outside, even during those cool nights during spring and autumn—or even winter, if you’re really adventurous!

5. The fountain

If you really want to be in the lap of luxury, consider a built in water feature for your deck. Fountains, bird paths, and even built-in swimming pools are possible—but if you go for a feature like this, make sure you partner with a highly reputable contractor who is experienced in carrying off complex designs.

Are you ready to build your dream deck?

The idea of building an outdoor deck is exciting because it adds both form and function to any residential property. And while many people still opt for a very basic deck design at a friendly price point, others are interested in making a bigger investment, and creating an outdoor space they can truly embrace as part of their lifestyle. Working with a certified, reputable deck builder is perhaps the most important step on the path to impeccable results.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ve found this information useful!