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DIY Outdoor Kitchen vs. Professionally Installed Outdoor Kitchen

When you want to change something about your home, you need to make a decision if you want to handle the project on your own or hire a professional. Most people who love DIY projects will definitely dive into the project without second thoughts as long as they have information about where to start. It is important to understand that both DIY and professionally installed projects have their own benefits and downsides. Here is a guide to help you make the right decision between DIY outdoor kitchens or professionally installed outdoor kitchen.

Evaluating the project

You need to assess many things before deciding whether to take on a project yourself or hire a contractor. Some of the most essential factors you need to consider include time, cost, and ability.

  • Time

You need to think about the time you want to spend on a project and how quickly you can get things done. Building and designing an outdoor kitchen by yourself will definitely take some time to complete. Furthermore, it shifts your time from other things you would rather be doing. Although it will cost you more to hire a professional, they have the right equipment and manpower to complete the project much faster.

  • Cost

An outdoor kitchen is considered a luxury in most homes because it is a costly project that involves a lot of time. However, you get a high return on investment during a resale as it adds value to your property. Since you will be eliminating the costs of labor when you take on a DIY project, you will spend less but you might make many mistakes that attract future repairs. Contractors may also compromise the durability of your outdoor kitchen if they purchase low-quality materials.

  • Ability or Skill Level

Just because you learned about how to DIY an outdoor kitchen on the internet does not mean you have the right skills to complete the task as needed. Chances are that you may mess up along the way or compromise the integrity of your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens that have been installed by professionals usually last for a long period because they are made to last. Professional contractors have years of experience and the necessary skills to complete the task efficiently and safely.

Deciding which jobs to DIY

If it is necessary you participate in the renovation project or you want to reduce the labor costs, you need to decide with your contractor on which jobs you can DIY. As we discussed earlier, cost, time and skill level are the most essential factors you need to consider when choosing between a DIY outdoor kitchen and professionally installed outdoor kitchen. However, it is also important to consider the level of safety since some projects need a trained professional to handle its dangers.

A DIY project may also require a building permit or a document that guarantees safe and efficient construction. The rules and regulations may vary in different regions to ensure safety for the work you are about to take on by yourself. In some states, you can only get a building permit if you are working with a licensed contractor.


How to save on a professionally installed outdoor kitchen

DIY is not the only way to save money on home improvement projects since you can also save by hiring a professional.

  • Choose the right contractor

Find a good contractor to get the best value out of your professionally installed outdoor kitchen. Check their ratings, and make an informed choice while balancing the quality of work and quoted prices you expect from them.

  • Choose high return projects

If you want to get the most out of your outdoor kitchen, you need to focus on the designs and styles that add the most value to your home. This makes it easier when selling your property as it attracts many buyers in a real estate market.

  • Do your own demo and cleanup

You can always save on professionally installed outdoor kitchen by doing parts of it by yourself. For example, swinging a sledgehammer when demolishing a structure does not require a professional skill as long as you do it carefully. At the end of the day, you will have saved money on the project if you do such tasks and cleanup projects that might have contributed towards the overall cost.

The decision to DIY or hire a contractor goes far beyond the cost involved as it requires a homeowner to balance carefully between the money and other factors such as quality, time, and safety. The reason why most homeowners opt for professionally installed outdoor kitchen is that they are assured of less hassle, quality of work and faster results.