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Deck Refinishing Tips from the Pros

When your outdoor deck begins to look weathered and warped, you may eventually settle on refinishing as your best overall option. Perhaps you’d rather have a brand new deck, but the costs are too high. Maybe you’ve considered resurfacing the deck, but even this seems like an excessive solution. The existing deck is perfectly fine in many ways—it’s just in need of a serious facelift.

That’s where refinishing becomes a great choice. It’s relatively fast, very low-cost, and highly effective in many cases. Most outdoor decks need to be refinished at regular intervals in order to keep up their appearance and integrity. Often times, a deck that look “tired” or worn out on the surface has simply not been maintained property, and giving it a good refinishing can bring it right back to life.

Carpenter building wooden deck

Deck refinishing is also something many homeowners decide to undertake on their own. This can be a rewarding and economical way to go, provided you know the proper techniques and are equipped to give yourself an excellent result. Sadly, this is not always the case. Some DIY refinishing projects end up costing more time and money than originally thought, and the results leave a lot to be desired.

Here are a few tips from the pros to give you a clearer perspective on how to refinish your deck.

Use special tools to give the entire deck (including the railings) a gentle, low-pressure cleaning. This is crucial to the rest of the refinishing process.

  • Take out and replace any boards that are rotted or warped. This is where refinishing can get more complicated if you lack the expertise.
  • All of the fasteners and connectors must be re-fastened and secured. It’s important not only to beautify the deck but to make it safer.
  • All loose nails must be pounded in. This again is both a safety and cosmetic issue.
  • Use a sander to smooth down trouble spots and rough edges—remembering that even, experienced sanding work is going to give you better finished results.
  • If you really want to refinish like the professionals do, and you’ve done everything perfectly up until now, it’s time to add not one but two coats of ultra-modern coating that gives you superior protection and a classic look.

Getting professional results

If you’re convinced that DIY is the best route, and you take all the proper steps, refinishing your own deck might give you a lot of satisfaction as a homeowner. If you aren’t sure about the tools, time and effort required to really get it right, turning to a professional might be the right answer. Outdoor deck specialists are usually able to perform quality refinishing jobs to the highest professional standard for a fee that is surprisingly affordable. While deck refinishing is a common DIY job in many homes, it’s also very commonly contracted out for the reasonable speed, quality and cost of professional results.