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Deck Roofs

Deck roofs are worth every extra penny of your deck or patio investment. These roofs increase the use of your deck or patio by ten fold. If your entertainment area is in the sun, you can sit in comfort on the sunniest and hottest days. Screen in the roof area and enjoy your deck well into the evening without a pesky bug or bug bites.

Why a deck roof?

  • A roof over a deck or patio adds a huge value to the usefulness of your new deck or patio, instantly turning it into an “outdoor living area”
  • Much cooler under the roof than in the open, increasing the enjoyment of your deck ten fold.
  • Install curtains under the header of the roof for privacy, shade, or as a wind breaker, all reasons that will increase the value of your deck or patio.
  • Lights installed in the ceiling creating area lighting that allows the playing of games, cards, puzzles, reading or casual conversation well into the evening.
  • Screen in the sides for a comfortable outdoor area without those annoying, pesky bugs. Sit outside well into the evening without a single bug bite.
  • Install a gas or wood burning fireplace to increase the ambiance and allowing a romantic evening area that continues well into the colder months.
  • Install that flat screen TV to enjoy your football or baseball game.

A Personal Note

I have been constructing decks for just about all of my adult life. I have designed and installed benches and planter boxes. I have created multi level decks with kitchens and fire pits. I have created some extremely beautiful “outdoor living areas” but nothing adds as much value to any deck or patio as much as a roofed area.

In my opinion, the most beneficial roofed area is when the roof is attached to the house and easily accessible from the kitchen or family room. I am a firm believer in the “KISS System”. That is, keep it simple stupid. The more convenient and simpler and easier to use, the more you will use the area.

The roofed area is always cooler and always seem to have some air movement no matter how hot the day. Put the fan on the ceiling for ambiance, put speakers around the perimeter of the room, close your eyes and enjoy. A deck or patio is a fabulous area, giving you and your family years of enjoyment.

With the inclusion of a roof, it turns your entertainment area into an exciting and well used “outdoor living area”.

The addition of a roofed area to your deck or patio will increase the use and enjoyment of your outdoor area by at least ten fold. Worth every penny of investment.

Bill Lecorchick, Sr.
Legends Home Improvements, LLC

“We are a family business serving families for two generations”

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