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Deck Lighting Options You Must Consider This Summer

Summer is here and you are most likely getting excited about outdoor time a lot more than you have been for months. Outside spaces are great all year round, but there is no better time to utilize the spaces around your home than in the summer, so you need to make sure each experience is a great one.

Of course, the things that make an outdoor space comfortable rely on adding a few creature comforts to an outdoor setting. Often, we use things like outdoor lounges and furniture to create a space we truly enjoy, other things we use include fire pits or barbecues or full-scale outdoor kitchens. Others choose to go all out with televisions or big screens to watch sports. Depending on how you like to enjoy your spare time will, of course, depend on how you set up your outdoor space.

Creating a deck you can use all year round is one thing but creating a deck that you can use all day long, all year round is another. To be able to use an outdoor space comfortably all year round you need to build with the intention of using it comfortable rain, snow, or sunshine. And you also need to build with the intention of using it at night. Lighting plays a huge role in the comfort levels of an outdoor space and using the right style of lighting or a combination is vital.

Here are some of the best lighting options available this summer for your outdoor space.


Installing lighting can be simple, but installing lights well takes a little bit of skill. When you install lighting, you don’t necessarily want it to be as bright as possible. Subtle lighting can create a very different mood for your outdoor space. Having bright fluorescent lighting makes for a harsh environment and can really take away from the beauty of the space.

Outdoor Specific Lighting

Remember that when you purchase your lighting, it will be exposed to the elements, so you must purchase outdoor specific lighting. A lot of standard lighting options may be ok for underneath a roof where it is protected, however, if you are choosing lighting that will light the yard apace around d your deck as well, the lighting you install needs to be weatherproof.

String or Rope Lighting

Hanging string lighting is an excellent way to add incredible vibe to your outdoor area. There are many amazing new options available when it comes to string lighting and many will allow you to join them together to create any length of rope or string lighting you need.

Hidden LED strip lighting

LED lighting that changes color can add a great effect to your outdoor deck space. Changing LEDs can add a modern touch to any space and your guests will be in awe as your space transforms constantly in a sequence of color. LED strip lighting is also available in standard non-color changing options and when hidden under tables or bars or on top of beams across the roof, it can create a very nice space.

Vintage Style Light Globes

Vintage style light globes are a really easy way to add character to your space without having to alter any of your existing lighting. Vintage style light globes fit into normal light sockets, but they look amazing. They add a warm lighting effect that looks great whether they are turned on or not.

The most important thing when it comes to lighting is comfort. Lighting shouldn’t make you or your guests squint in a space. It should be a warm and inviting addition to your deck area.