Decks By Legends

Legends Home Improvements, creates outdoor entertainment areas for the discerning home owner.

We offer the professional, courteous and dependable service that our customers deserve and enjoy. We create and install an outdoor addition to your home that brings beauty, pride, enjoyment and value to your home.

What makes it a Legend….

  • Our frame is designed for 70lb live load, 40lb dead load. The building code requires a deck be 40lb live and 20lb dead load.
  • Our joist spacing never exceeds 12” center-to-center. The building code requires joist spacing at 16” center-to-center
  • We bolt our decks to your house at 12” center-to-center. The building code requires bolt spacing of 24” center-to-center
  • Our railing support spacing never exceeds 6 feet center-to-center for safety. Some railing manufacturers allow 10 feet center-to-center. The building code has to accept all manufacturers specifications.
  • Our step treads are 13” deep for safety for you and your family. The building code requires 10 1/4” tread depth.
  • All our staircases are never less than 54” wide for safety for you and your family. The building code requires 36” wide staircases.
  • We install step lights on every deck for safety. The building code has no requirement for step lights.
  • We construct for safety and convenience for you, your family and your guests. Building codes are minimum construction requirements.

Quality and Caring

  • We will only work with a building permit
  • We apply for any necessary building permit and we arrange for all inspections
  • We use only quality materials
  • We work with the seven major, national, deck and railing manufacturers
  • we want to build your deck, so we will not limit your decking choice to one manufacturer. There are a lot of choices in decking, railings, and lights and we want you to be aware of all of your potential choices, we display them all in our showroom.

Quality is a matter of control:

At Legends Home Improvements, LLC, we only operate with 2 crews of no more than 3 or 4 staff members per crew. With this policy, we will deliver a consistent high quality deck, porch, screen room or There are companies who construct 50, 60 and some claim to construct 150 projects per year. These organizations cannot control the consistency in quality.

A high volume company must focus on production, not quality and satisfying the customers wishes and desires. A high volume contractor has to maintain a large sales force and multi level supervision staff and to keep pricing affordable, they must focus on production.

Legends focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by limiting the size of our staff, supervised by Bill Jr.. Along with his talent, expertise, knowledge, experience and his desire to deliver a high quality product, his priority is creating a pleasant experience for our customers.


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