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Category: Deck Builder

Large pool with chairs.

How Much Weight Can A Deck Hold?

No one wants to unknowingly put their friends and family in harm’s way, but when the weight on top of a deck exceeds the deck load limit, that is exactly what happens. When a deck collapses, it may not only injure those on it but also cost homeowners time and money with necessary repairs and…

Covered deck

What Are The Benefits of a Covered Deck?

For many homeowners, the focus for home improvement often falls onto the interior of their property, meaning their outside space becomes neglected. However, a beautifully-curated outdoor living area can present just as many entertainment and comfort opportunities as a well-thought-out and planned interior. One of the many outdoor features that you can add to your…

Building a backyard deck with worker putting with nail gun patio construction terrace

Is Your Deck Repair Company the Real Deal?

In other words, choosing the right outdoor deck specialist for your repair or resurfacing job can save you real money over time — not to mention the stress and frustration involved in dealing with “subpar” contractors. If you’re looking for a standout deck company, here are some of the main things you should be looking…