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Building a New Deck: The Process from Start to Finish

zodkoyporch1Ever thought about hiring a contractor to build a new deck for your home? How about doing the job yourself? This is something many homeowners think about sooner or later. A new outdoor deck can significantly improve the look and functionality of just about any home, and it’s also typically a wise investment in terms of property value.

You might get tripped up when you think of all the work and effort it takes to make your outdoor deck project a reality. The vast majority of homeowners are unqualified to safely build an outdoor deck themselves—but even if you bring in a professional, there’s still the question of which company to hire, and how to make sure they deliver exactly what you want.

In terms of deciding whether a new deck project is right for your home, it might help to visualize the entire process of building a deck, from finding a contractor to signing off on the final inspection.

Consider the design and amenities you want

Outdoor decks are no longer boring structures that all look the same. From multi-tiered designs to built in kitchens and fireplaces, today’s outdoor deck designs can bring increased functionality and curb appeal to your home. It’s good to settle on the design options and materials you want, or at least have a general idea—but don’t set anything in stone until you get to the next step.

Find a reputable deck builder

This is a hugely important step because it affects every aspect of your project’s success, from staying under budget to making sure the deck is built to the highest professional standard. When you settle on a company with years of experience, a strong reputation, and a transparent way of doing business, the other details of your outdoor deck project will fall in line.

Ask questions!

Should you use composite or natural wood for your deck? Does built-in outdoor seating make sense? Will a kitchen or fountain be possible with your budget? How can you be certain that the construction of your deck will be absolutely safe? Knowing what questions to ask—and expecting clear, straightforward answers from your deck building specialist, ensures that all the details are covered.

The construction process

Once you’ve agreed on everything and signed a contract, professional builders will commence a very specific and well-organized building process. It usually starts with a certain amount of gradation, excavation and auguring work. Once the basic support structure is in place, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the project can move forward. One to three weeks is a typical time frame for completing a new outdoor deck.

Should you go for it?

Once you break it down into steps, the process of designing and building a new outdoor deck is not as daunting or complicated as it might seem. For most homeowners, a successful project begins with finding the right deck specialist, then working together to tighten up the design, choose the best materials, and complete the project according to the agreed budget. The good news is, when you work with a qualified builder, the whole process can go fairly quickly. Within a few weeks, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of a brand new outdoor space.

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