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Top 7 Signs That It Is Time to Build a New Deck

Decks are an extension of the main house. They can be on the ground, but slightly raised above it by use of posts and joists or can be completely high above the ground. They provide a good place to chill out and chat, away from the house. Despite this, they can be a disaster if the deck is in bad condition since accidents can occur. It therefore makes sense to be on the lookout for some signs that could tell you it is time to have a new deck.

  1. A Disintegrating Ledger Board

The ledger board is probably the most important part of the deck because it holds the deck in contact with the house. It is the leeway between your house and the deck. If it is in a bad condition, this can be a huge disaster since it can completely break away from the house, rendering the deck vulnerable to being blown off by elements. It can fall off and end up being damaged. If you see or suspect that the ledger board is disintegrating, then it is high time you called a deck contractor.

  1. Frail Railings

Railings are not only a link that hold the deck together but are also safety handles. In addition, you can lean on them for more comfort. They provide you and your family with support when climbing up the deck using the stairs. Having them loose or shaking can be devastating since they can compromise your safety especially if you have kids and old people at your home. If you see this sign, just a simple repair might not be effective. You should give a deck contractor a call before the unthinkable happens, especially if the deck is high above the ground.

  1. Too Old Deck

If your house is more than 10 years old and you have not had repairs done in the recent past, then it means that the deck could be too old to be termed fit. You may have moved into a house that you are not sure how old the deck is. if you suspect that the house is too old or does not fall under the laid down housing code of regulations, then it means that it is time to have a new deck.

  1. Weak Joists

Joists, just like posts, are critical to the stability of your deck since they hold the deck boards together into one large piece of a floorboard. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, it is hard to repair them without breaking apart the whole deck. For this reason, upon noticing any signs of weakness, then it is advisable that you call in deck professionals to fix the issue before it is too late.

  1. Water Accumulation

Decks are designed in a way that water should not accumulate on the boards. Most of them are designed with some spaces between the boards. They should never at any time collect any water. If it does, this is a sign that the boards are rotten and water has seeped into the wood, rendering them soft. Therefore, if you see any water accumulation, then you know it is time to have new deck installed in your home.

  1. Shaky or Falling Posts

Posts are the foundation of a deck. They hold the deck in place, since they are mounted into the ground. If you find that they are shaky or weak, especially when you lean or hold onto them, then it is a clear sign that they are rotten. This is most probably because they are too old, water has damaged them or they have been exposed to insect infestation. In such a case, you should consider repairing or building a new deck.

  1. Wobbling Boards

If you are walking along the deck and feel some wobbliness of the boards or some are completely distanced from the rest of the boards, it is a clear sign that the deck is in a bad condition and requires complete overhaul, ready for a new deck altogether.

Having a deck repaired or replaced altogether is not something that you can do by yourself, not unless you have the perfect knowledge and skills to do it. It is better if you left the work to deck experts since they will do a great job and advise you on the best available deck options. They will also save you the headache and time you would have spent trying to do the job by yourself.