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Best Tips For A Great Summer Deck

There is something about the arrival of warm weather that sends everyone straight to the backyard to enjoy the sunshine. However, before you can even think of relaxing, there is so much to do to make your deck ready for it. Winter can be rough on your deck, leaving all kinds of damage from cold, wet weather, frost, and snow. Don’t worry, though; we have the best tips for a great summer deck.

Inspection & Repairs

Just like the rest of your home, your deck should be inspected regularly. Particularly as seasons change or if you plan to do a bit of work like staining. There are repairs that you can tackle yourself, but if it’s a bigger repair don’t be tempted to do it yourself, just call in the professionals. There are some issues that you should look for as you inspect your deck.

  • Rot – it’s the one everyone fears because if you don’t catch it early, it can destroy the structural integrity of the deck. This is why it’s vital to regularly inspect your deck. Moisture is the most common cause of deck rot. The first sign of a problem is wood that is soft to touch, cracking or discolored. Deck rot is the type of problem that you should call the professionals in for.
  • Mold & Mildew – this isn’t as severe as deck rot, it is unsightly, though. This is one you can tackle yourself. You need cleaning solutions. Of course, once you have tackled the problem, you might need to seal the deck again.
  • Board Breaks– breakages are dangerous for a number of reasons. This is an opportunity for mold to get in, rot can find its way into the deck, and it can cause structural issues. It will also increase the risk for injuries while enjoying the deck. You may be able to replace broken boards yourself, provided you are equipped with the correct tools.

Clean & Seal the Deck

After inspection and repairs, you can sweep and scrub the deck down. You can clean it manually, or you can use a pressure washer on a very low setting. You should finish with a quality sealant.

Decorate the Deck

Now, it’s time to make your deck your safe haven. Your deck is your summer escape so, think about how you can make it your second home whether you plan to entertain or simply enjoy it yourself. You want comfortable seating, whether it’s outdoor couches or lounge chairs. Think about throw pillows, lighting, and plant life. String lights are a great option because they create an intimate whimsy to the space. Additionally, colorful plants and flowers can help make the space your own. Just be careful with plant pots and ensure they aren’t leaking onto the deck as this can create fresh problems for the integrity of the structure.

Spring is the ideal time to get your summer deck ready to enjoy. Before you can decorate, you need to tackle the maintenance side. They are equally important steps and one has to come before the other. Your deck should be an extension of your home, a cozy space that you feel comfortable retreating to as though you’re in the living room… just outside in the sunshine.