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Legends Built

Legends Home Improvements, LLC is a family owned and operated home improvement company.

In the spring of 1975, Bill Lecorchick and his wife Nadine started a new construction company. They entered the busy residential construction trade and decided to specialize in exterior home improvements. Bill realized, in the early 1970’s that the newly constructed homes were being built with their foundations extending 4 and 5 feet above the final grade of the property. In the 1950’s and 60’s, homes were being built with the foundation extending only a foot or so above the ground. So he decided to offer the construction of a deck to these new home owners.

Decks have evolved since he started in 1975. Pressure Treated Lumber was not available and we built decks with Douglas Fir and protected the decks with paint. Decks would have a finite life back then. Douglas Fir decks would last about 8 to 10 years and would have to be torn down and rebuilt. Cedar decks may last 12 to 13 years and Redwood may give you another year or two. Decks were simply constructed in a square or rectangle design and only large enough to allow for a small table and possibly a grill.

Sometime in the early 1980’s, Pressure Treated Lumber was introduced to the residential market place. With the introduction of Pressure Treated Lumber, the life of a deck was tremendously increased. This new treatment process allowed processors to offer the residential customer a lifetime warrantee. This warrantee opened up the possibility of new outdoor creations. The residential customer would allow the construction of bigger and more involved decks because they had the potential of lasting five and six times as long as any other material.

Bill was on the cutting edge of a newly accepted home improvement, the deck. Decks went from simple squares and rectangles to multi-level, multi-functional additions to a home. Pressure Treated Lumber opened the deck as a major home improvement. Mobil oil wanted to enter this expanding home improvement market and developed the first composite decking material. Mobil oil developed a product called Timbrex, the predecessor to Trex. This product just couldn’t get a hold in the market place. At the same time Bill began to look for a new product to offer the residential deck customer. In fall of 1986, Bill met with an importer of Brazilian hardwoods and shared the vision of a new decking material. The importer, Greenheart Durawoods, imported a Brazilian hardwood that they called Pau Lope. Pau Lope was a beautiful reddish brown hardwood for exterior use. Bill sold the first Pau Lope deck in Middletown, New Jersey in the fall of 1987. He began to exclusively build these beautiful decks constructed with Pau Lope which is better known as Ipe. Again, he stayed on the cutting edge of the industry.

In 1997, Bill’s oldest son Bill joined his father in the company. Bill Jr. has proven to be a valuable asset and has become a principal to Legends Home Improvements. Bill Sr.’s youngest son Kevin joined the organization in 2003 after completing his obligation with the U.S. Navy. Kevin is a great carpenter and has proven to be an asset to the company but does not share does not share the entrepreneurial spirit of his brother and father. Bill’s oldest daughter Katrina worked with her father and brothers for six years and left the company when her husband took a job with Chase Bank, as a financial advisor, in the Ramsey, New Jersey area.

In 2004, Ipe was no longer the deck product of choice and the low maintenance materials became the preferred material for the decking trade.

The decking industry has evolved from the simple square or rectangular wooden platform to major home improvement that can include outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, roofs, bars and endless possibilities. Bill believes that the upcoming decking product is from Royal Building Products. They developed an acrylic product that looks just like wood and tough as steel and offer it under the name of Zuri. This product is not for the faint of heart but if you like the look of wood, this decking product looks like a fine finished floor.

Bill and Legends Home Improvements have evolved right along with the decks and we stay on the cutting edge of the industry with new products, ideas and installation methods.

Legends is entering its’ fourth decade of servicing the residential customer and is rejuvenating with Bill Jr. taking the helm of this customer orientated home improvement company. Bill Jr. and Legends Home Improvements will continue the tradition of servicing the residential home improvement customer with trust, honesty and integrity.