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7 Hot Tub Deck Ideas and Why You Should Consider Them

A deck offers a great place to relax in the open air, entertain friends for a casual barbecue, or have a family gathering for a fun afternoon. However, it requires a lot of forethought designing a deck meant for a hot tub. A few issues you may encounter in the process include aesthetic principals, ergonomic factors and additional engineering considerations. A beautiful home spa can add a compelling focal point when blended with your outdoor furnishings and the deck’s lines and colors. This article looks into 7 hot tub deck ideas you can implement and why you need to consider them in your next home improvement project.

1. Think Carefully Where You Locate Your Hot Tub

If you live in an area with a cold climate, it is important that your hot tub is located close to the patio door. The idea behind this is that if you locate your hot tub far from the door, you are less likely to use it, especially during winter. In addition, electric wires used to supply power to a hot tub are very expensive, as they are measured by the foot. All the above are reasons enough why your hot tub needs to be located close to the door.

2. Leave Some Space for Tech Support

Depending on the model of your hot tub, it is essential to leave some space around it in case you need tech support. Removable floor panels are built into the frame to ensure easy accessibility when maintaining the pump. It is also advisable to seek a professional technician as they have years of experience and necessary skills to handle the maintenance work. Because of this reason, you need to create a minimum clearance of 18 inches around your hot tub for tech support.

3. A Solid Deck Base to Support the Hot Tub’s Weight

The safest bet when it comes to structural support is building a solid base that is independent of the deck. However, you can also consult a professional to provide correct load calculations if you want to install posts and cement footing. An engineer should be called in to approve the plan if you want your hot tub to rest on the deck.

4. Consider the Gap between the Deck Boards

You need to factor in lumber longevity, soaker safety among other things when it comes to the spaces between your hot tub and your deck. The gap left should be large enough for the wood to expand and contract and for water to drain, but small enough to prevent toe injuries. A half-inch space is ideal for professional projects.

5. Choose the Right Decking Material

There are many options of hot tub decking materials you can use for your project. Most professionals prefer western red cedar because it is naturally resistant to decay, insects, and rot. When paired with a fully furnished hot tub, it not only looks beautiful but is also amazing. A deck acts as an extension of your home to the outdoor living spaces and also reflects your personality. The material used on your hot tub deck should create beautiful memories since it is an intimate space where people interact and have fun.

6. The Best Color and Design to Purchase

There are many color choices out there that can blend well with your home décor. This means that you have freedom of choice when selecting the design and color of your hot tub. You can compare some samples of synthetic cabinets and interior acrylic with your backyard environment to have an idea of what suits your preferences. Some designers even have templates that can help you visualize the results for the hot tub you will require.

7. Maximize your Views

Most homeowners prefer sinking a hot tub into a deck to provide a 360-degree view. Although it actually completes the outdoor living area, maximizing the view doesn’t have to compromise the functionality of your hot tub. However, this style gives your hot tub a custom-designed appearance and an amazing finished look. Whatever reasons you have for a sunken hot tub, always remember not to sacrifice its function over form.

Hot tubs give life to the outdoor living spaces because they are an attractive addition to the design of your deck. A multi-layered short deck works great for any space. Lastly, you can enhance your deck’s appeal using various levels and design specific areas where you can entertain your guests.