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7 Factors to Consider When Building a Stylish Outdoor Kitchen

The evolution of outdoor kitchens has been gradual. They started from simple and plain outdoor kitchens associated with the 1960’s to the stylish and astounding outdoor kitchens of the 21st century, where so much money and resources are invested. Several factors therefore have to be put into consideration when building a stylish outdoor kitchen. This article looks at seven main elements.

  1. Placement

Setting up the outdoor kitchen in the perfect place is very vital. This is because you have to place the kitchen close to the house to ensure that easy electricity accessibility. Doing this ensures that the cost of building the kitchen is hugely subsidized. Placement also ensures enough privacy, which is also an essential factor. You should also consider the wind in placement to ensure the smoke is blowing in the right direction.

  1. Cost

A stylish outdoor kitchen could potentially be very expensive. The contractor should therefore ensure that you fully understand the costs and the implications thereof. You should therefore be very aware of this before making a full commitment and dedication pertaining to the funds. If you will not afford a stylish outdoor kitchen all at once, you can have it constructed to account for extra room to upgrade it in a future date.

  1. Features, Gas and Electrical Appliances

You also have to consider features such as plumbing, gas and electrical. It is vital to ensure that there is a waterline connected directly to your home water supply. If the cleaning shall be done in the outside kitchen, then it has to be a hot water line. You can opt for a kitchen that is close or much further from the house. A closer one will not need some appliances. However, a kitchen that is much further out shall need to have all these appliances for self-sufficiency, which can make the project a lot expensive.

  1. Design

Outdoor kitchen designs are of a wide range. Some are easier to construct while others are much more time consuming due to their complexities. You should therefore do extensive research to ensure you settle for something that you can afford and that can be accomplished within your desired timelines.

  1. Construction

The type of materials used to construct your outdoor kitchen will have an effect on the cost of the project and the amount of time it shall take until completion. Materials vary as they could entail steel, wood, or bricks. All these are quite varied and you thus need the help of an expert to choose the right material for your outdoor kitchen. You could also decide to make the kitchen a large continuous space, or opt for several functional zones. Your selection will have an effect on the cost.

  1. Maintenance and Space

You ought to bear in mind that a stylish outdoor kitchen shall require a lot of maintenance in the future. Maintenance can entail the drainage and or the sealing of facades. This periodic maintenance shall ultimately have an effect on the cost, making it important to put this vital factor into consideration when building a stylish outdoor kitchen.

You also have to factor in the number of people that the kitchen shall serve. This helps reduce any congestion in your outdoor kitchen. There should also be ample storage space in the outdoor kitchen to get rid of the need to rush to the indoor kitchen to fetch things such as utensils and bins.

  1. Entertainment

An outdoor kitchen and living space is not complete without an entertainment system. If you will be hosting frequent gigs for your mates and family, then this will affect certain choices. An example is the grill chosen, as it ought to be big enough to feed a sizeable crowd constantly. At the same time, it should also save on the time spent while cooking.

If you have the resources, you could go the extra mile and install Wi-Fi, a television, a bar station, sound system, refrigerator and a fireplace just to make it much fancier and aesthetically pleasing. All these could affect the space consumed. It will also have a huge impact on the dedicated budged to the project.


Outdoor kitchens have not only become trendy but a feasible idea when looking to improve your outdoor life and entertainment. All the foregoing factors should be highly considered before you decide whether you are ready and willing to fund the construction of a kitchen with such premium quality.