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6 Contemporary Deck Designs You Might Not Have Considered

Design and layout is one of the most underrated aspects of building a new outdoor deck. People often assume that most outdoor decks are the same, or that you’ll choose from a few different “standard” designs, depending on the layout of your property. There may even have been a time when this was true — but things have changed.

These days, a skilled outdoor deck specialist is able to do accomplish things that might surprise you. The process of building an outdoor deck has become more interactive, more efficient, and more accessible than ever. And when it comes to that all-important design and layout phase of your project, there are so many ways you can go.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular contemporary outdoor deck designs you may not have considered.

Back yard house exterior with spacious wooden deck with patio area and attached pergola.
  1. Multiple tiers

If the majority of outdoor decks you see are flat, single-plane structures, it’s probably because few owners are really aware of the advantages of multiple tiers. In addition to marking off different areas of the deck (for instance a lounge area on one tier and an outdoor kitchen or grilling area on another tier), this design also adds visual depth — and therefore aesthetic value — to your outdoor deck.

  1. Away from the house

Having your deck attached the house has many benefits — that’s why it’s so popular. But it’s not the only option. Setting your deck away from the home, and/or connecting it to the home (or to other small deck areas) via dedicated pathways that match the design of the deck itself, can be a great option for certain landscapes.

  1. Curved

Thought your deck had to be a rectangle or square? Think again! Decks that are entirely or partially circular are gaining popularity, and can be an effective way to offset the square lines of the average home.

  1. Mixed materials

A wooden or composite deck with elements of concrete or stone is another interesting possibility. This can create an ultra-contemporary and unique feel.

  1. On the corner

The majority of decks are attached to one side of the home, but if you have the right kind of property and the right deck design, a corner deck can be highly functional and visually stunning.

  1. Around a tree

If you have a beloved, mature tree on your property, and you don’t want to remove it in order to build a deck, why not consider building the deck around it? Consulting with a qualified deck specialist, in addition to an arborist (tree specialist) could make this unique design a reality.

Getting creative with your outdoor deck design

These are just a few of the exciting things happening in outdoor deck design today — the possibilities are virtually limitless. Don’t think that your deck project has to be formulaic or boring. By partnering with a highly skilled outdoor deck builder, you’ll find yourself with no shortage of creative options that give you both the functionality you need and the custom aesthetic value you’ve been dreaming about.