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5 Ways to Make Your Deck Enjoyable in the Winter

Decks form the centerpiece of outdoor living spaces as they give homeowners an extra area to relax and have fun. Most people often neglect their deck during the colder months because the freezing temperatures make it uncomfortable to spend time in the outdoors. However, this should not be the case every time winter rolls in because your deck can still be useful and enjoyable. If you want to instill good memories during the winter season, you need to implement some great ideas to make your deck useful during this time of the year. Here are 5 ways to make your deck enjoyable in the winter.

1. Install a Patio Cover or Windscreen

A deck can be one of the most uncomfortable places to spend your time during winter because of the cold temperatures in the outdoors. Snow, ice and sleet can cause extensive damage over the entire structure, which can result in injuries or loss of property. Installing a patio cover can help prevent rain, snow or other weather elements from interfering with your peace of mind. With a patio cover, you can comfortably sit on your favorite outdoor furniture and watch the snow fall gently away from your house. A windscreen can also prevent some of the chills when it becomes windy thus providing a comfortable space for your family and guests.

2. Add Sources of Heat

The low freezing temperature prevents people from using their decks because it can cause serious health risks such as hypothermia or frostbite. You can make your deck more enjoyable in the winter by adding different sources of heat such as space heaters or fire pits. A custom deck can provide the option of installing a built-in fire pit for use in winter. Space heaters also work great when you install windscreens, as it helps keep the warmth contained in the deck. Ensure all heat sources are kept off your deck floor to prevent unintentional fires or burns on the structure.

3. Lighten up Your Deck

Cold winter days lack direct sunlight and are often overcast by the snow, fog or windy climate. Floor lamps and string lights can help revamp your deck space as it brightens up the atmosphere. The right type of lighting can lure your guests in the outdoor living spaces even in the gloomiest of days. Lighting makes your deck more inviting when it is dark and cold outside. Smart light bulbs or a string of fairy lights that change color can help set the mood for spending time on your deck.

4. Cozy up Your D├ęcor

A winter deck can go a long way with a few approachable chairs and couches with extra pillows and plenty of padding. Down-home fabrics or materials patterned in plaids make the place adorable as it makes your deck attractive during the winter months. If you want to lend your outdoor space a cottage charm, consider adding a homey rustic touch such as an over-sized distressed clock or a vintage candlestick set. The type of furniture placed on the deck during winter should be warm enough to make your guests comfortable in the outdoor living spaces.

5. Decorative Plants

As shorter days and cooler temperatures set in, your colorful plants can soon meet their demise despite their served purpose in the previous months. Nevertheless, you can still give your deck some vibrant color that helps breathe life in the outdoor spaces. Brighten things up by hanging some holiday plants such as orchids, miniature evergreen trees or poinsettias. Replant your pots with plants that continue to supply color to your deck. You can also mix them to give a variation in color, height, and texture. Use layers of burlap covered with plastic wrap to protect the sides of glazed containers and planted terracotta.

All these efforts can make your deck a comfortable place to relax and have fun during winter. Investing in a custom deck is one of the wise decisions you can ever make, as it can be customized for use all year long. This space becomes comfortable and more inviting to your family and guests because the additional features give life to your deck during winter. Simple changes like decorating your deck for the season or adding a space heater can make a big difference. However, installing a patio cover or customizing your deck with a fire pit can help transform the space into a winter haven. Implement any of these ideas to make your deck enjoyable in the winter.