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5 Luxury Deck Features to Consider Adding this Summer

A deck is a special addition to any modern home because it offers a place to relax when out of work or entertain guests during special events. Improving the features on your deck can make living in the outdoors perky since it acts as an extension of your home. Many homeowners build a basic outdoor living space to save money. There is nothing fancy about it as long as you have a place to sit, do a little morning yoga, drink and fire up the grill. Although all these activities are certainly good for basic decks, modern homeowners are taking it to a different level.

Outdoor decks have now become focal points and showpieces for exteriors where you can entertain and spend quality time with friends and family. As we near towards summer, you need to think of different ways you can make it fun living in the outdoors. In this article, we will be looking at five deck features to consider adding this summer.

  1. Luxury Hot Tub Deck

If you are serious about soaking yourself in a truly luxurious setup, consider adding a luxury hot tub deck. A built-in hot tub is a desirable amenity for most dream homes. Not only does it make your outdoors beautiful but also adds value to your home. As long as you have set your mind to own a luxury hot tub deck, experienced outdoor deck builders will not have a problem setting it up for you. You can always enjoy soaking in your hot tub in the cool evening breeze.

  1. Composite Surfacing

Although composite surfacing may not be thought of as a luxury feature, it certainly drives up the entire cost of your deck. Natural wood used to be the main source of material for constructing decks. Composite materials have increased in popularity over the recent years because they are durable and highly weather resistant. It may be expensive to purchase and install composite surfacing but it can save you money in the long term. In addition, it also increases your deck’s upfront costs especially if you install the expensive varieties of composite decking material.

  1. Luxury Pool Deck

A pool deck is another luxury feature you can add on your deck this summer. It offers the same experience and fun as outdoor swimming pools based on safety, durability, and functionality. They are easy to install and require less maintenance. There are many designs of luxury pool decks you can choose from.  The immediate area around the pool is referred to as your pool deck. You can use this space to place your backyard furniture, tables, and lounge chairs. The materials used in luxury pool decks matter since they should be well-constructed, stylish, inviting and non-slip. You can always enjoy swimming during hot summer days while catching a perfect view of nature from your luxury pool deck.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

A kitchen can be the most expensive outdoor amenity on your deck for a good reason. It is highly desirable to add a full range of kitchen features such as an oven, an ice maker, refrigerator, a propane stove, and enough storage space. The price can easily skyrocket when you start customizing and adding unique features in your outdoor kitchen. Most homeowners find the luxury of a quality outdoor kitchen to be worth the investment especially when they will be using it to entertain guests during special events.

  1. Custom Finishing

Some good examples of custom finishes include multi-tiered design features, specialty detailing on your railings, and built-in seating and fireplaces. A multi-tiered deck can be built majorly for entertaining with comfortable seating and a breathtaking view. During the rainy seasons or cold evenings, you can still entertain your family and friends in a large covered deck. They can be decorated with a mix of dark woven furniture and barn red accents to keep each of the spaces unified. Adding specialty details on your railing adds unique beauty and elegance to your deck.

All the above features can transform your deck into a luxurious oasis where you can spend quality time with your family and guests this upcoming summer. A deck gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and individual preferences. The more you invest in luxurious deck features, the more you increase the value of your home. It is important to create a solid foundation before you add anything on your deck. Even well-planned visual changes cannot hide a deck in grimy and dirty boards. Your deck can only stand up better against the elements if you set time for proper care and regular maintenance.