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5 Innovative Features to Consider for Your New Deck

A deck is the statement piece that gives a good first impression of your backyard any time you are holding a home party. It is always important to make strategic plans before building a new deck. Once you have a design in mind, you need to determine the location, and the building materials you will use on the structure. Since a deck provides a great space to entertain and spend time in the outdoors, you can make it more appealing by incorporating a few innovative features. Here are five innovative features you need to consider when building your new deck.

  1. Look for a Gorgeous View

One of the most important factors to consider when planning a new deck is having a location that offers a perfect view. Instead of your deck facing the trash-filled and neglected backyard of your neighbor’s compound, you can build it facing a beautiful landscape that extends far and beyond. If you have positioned your deck so high, you need to install protective railings and glass partition that does not obstruct your view. Most houses that are built on a higher ground offer great views, as you can enjoy a breathtaking view in a relaxed and comfortable space.

  1. Add a Pool and a Hot Tub

There are many ways of connecting a pool to a lower deck. Above ground pools can be designed to have all amenities of an in-ground pool including two private deck areas and a spa. The wood decking to the separate decks can connect the house to a pool, and a hot tub to look like one large outdoor living space. The hot tub is useful during cold months and winter where you can have a relaxing warm bath. Above ground pools are also appealing as they enhance the beauty and functionality of your backyard. The deck’s shape and design need to conform to the architecture and shape of your house.

  1. Incorporate a Screened-In Deck

Deck screens are useful to people who live in areas prone to mosquitos and other biting insects during the warmer months. They also play a significant role during cold weather and winter where most people spend time indoors. With a screened-in deck, you can happily enjoy your outdoor living space without worrying about bothersome insects, rain, snow, or heavy wind. The most popular and affordable type of screen material you can use for your deck is the fiberglass. Other choices include bronze, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and sun-blocking screens.

  1. Add Multiple Deck Levels

You can make good use of the outdoor living spaces by incorporating multiple levels of deck. This works well for people who worry about having enough room in the house to roam. Such decks give you a lot of control over the end design while adding architectural interest to your space. In addition, multiple deck levels add value to your home when selling the property making it worth the investment. It is important to move each function area to its own level when dealing with multiple decks. They need to be connected with similar landscaping and other aesthetic details such as an easily accessed stairway that ties them together.

  1. Focus on Functional Areas

The focus of building a new deck should be on how well you intend to use the space. One large space can easily be separated into a few clearly defined areas using furniture and potted flowers. Set up a food preparation station next to the grill for nights when you want to barbecue or a small picnic table for children in your play areas. Incorporate at least a seating set with a grand dining table where people can have dinner and another set where you can just relax without any interruptions. If you are planning to hold frequent parties, your outdoor deck ideas should revolve around entertaining. Build a fire pit where people can gather during cold nights and an outdoor kitchen to avoid frequent trips to the interior kitchen. All these ideas focus on how you intend to use your space so you need to make the most of your deck.

A deck is the best way to double up your living space since it offers extra space for people to spend time in the outdoors and have fun. Although there are endless ways of making a deck more appealing, it is always important to create a functional space that can offer enough privacy, entertainment, and relaxation.