How We Work

molinopremierdeck9Legends is a deck specialist and will create a deck that will fit your needs. You will find that Legends Home Improvements is the professional you want, need and deserve. From the first meeting with one of our designers, you will know that we are looking to design and construct an area that will be for you and your family.

We listen to your goals and work directly with you to create a preliminary design at your kitchen table. Our first meeting is free and we will give you the necessary time it takes to design a deck, porch or “outdoor living area” that will fit your needs, desires and goals. We will patiently give you the information necessary to make all the proper decisions. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want.

Our professional design staff will ask the leading questions necessary to make sure we design your new deck or “outdoor living area”. We will always conclude our initial meeting with an estimate as to the approximate monetary value of the project we designed together. If you want to proceed with Legends Home Improvements, you will need to initiate the next step.

Our goal at our initial meeting is to:

  • Help you design a deck or “outdoor living area” that will fit your needs, goals and desires.
  • Give you enough education so you can make all the proper decisions for your new deck or “outdoor living area”.
  • Advise you of any necessary building codes and zoning issues.

We’ll show that we are competent, trusting and qualified to complete your project and finally hope that our estimate is in your monetary investment range. If we earned your confidence at this meeting we will discuss with you on how to proceed in the final designing, quoting and construction for your new deck or “outdoor living area” to include the costs involved in getting there.

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